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Sick day favorites

c451a0e4-7e2e-44b6-b104-8d9473cba0f8I’ve been working from home both Monday and Tuesday this week to fight an f***ing annoying cold and fever. I stupidly went into the office on Monday morning thinking I would try to work (even if it was just a half day), but I was quickly sent home with my computer in hand. At the old company I worked for, people came in with all different diseases, which always got everyone else sick – all because they couldn’t miss a work day. There wasn’t really any possibility to work form home. So it’s actually very relieving working for a company that care about their employees. I might have been a little less productive, but at least I’m getting better. But since it’s that time of year, I thought I would share with you some of my sick day favorites.

There’s really nothing worse that tearing apart your nose, because you don’t have the right tissues for all those sneezes.

I switch between licorice and women’s tea from Yogi.

Some sweets.
My everyday diet kind of goes out of the window when I’m sick. I don’t really want a lot of food, so I try to get some chocolate, clementines, or some ice cream to satisfy the cravings.

It’s pretty boring to be sick. Let’s keep it real. So I’ve been watching ABC’s morning TV and  YouTube videos in the background while doing some work.

Warm socks.
My mom always said to me to have warm feet to avoid getting sick, so I put on a warm pair of socks and even my favorite Ugg slippers.


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