We moved to Manhattan!

Happy Sunday

donutsHappy Sunday! (well what’s left of it) Are you all having a good weekend?

Mine has been full of family time with Edward’s mom sleeping over from Friday-Saturday. We had ramen and planned Thanksgiving, which she’s definitely helping me out with. Since Edward and I just moved into a bigger home we thought we would host Thanksgiving this year (not sure that was such a good idea, hah). The only problem being: I’m Danish. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Denmark. So as far as traditions go I don’t know any other than 1. there should be loads of food, 2. there should be loads of drinks, and 3. football should be on the TV. But which food? And how do you cook a turkey to perfection? And what about the sides? How much food is too much food? If any of you have any tips and tricks, pleeeease send them my way!!

On another note, Edward had to work today and so I took the day to have some cozy me-time. I cleaned the apartment (you might not believe it, but I actually have a good time and feel very zen when I clean), I had a power-walk sesh accompanied by some good podcasts, and most importantly I made myself a cup of tea and enjoyed some Halloween donuts. I really only allow myself to splurge on the weekends, and I’ve been craving donuts for what feels like forever. It’s funny how sugary things taste way better when you wait for them…

I hope you all have a lovely evening and a good start to the new week. I’ll try to take a relaxing bath later and go to bed early. Ultimate weekend.




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We moved to Manhattan!