Fall Sunday in NYC

We moved to Manhattan!

outfitWe moved apartments!

Actually we have moved back to the area I started out living in, when I first arrived to New York, Washington Heights. And so far (a week and a half in) I’m loving it. We obviously have a lot of moving to do and finding a spot for everything, but most of all buy more furniture for the bigger space. We now have an extra room that will function as bedroom/office and then we’re also buying a new couch and some bits and pieces for here and there.

Last Saturday I went on the obligatory IKEA trip to get a few dressers and other stuff that you only find out you need once you move. Another plant, a new wine opener, more utensils, water glasses, tupperware, extra wires for the outlets… Little stuff. I can’t wait to show you more of the apartment and getting into place. I literally spent all last weekend assembling dressers and finishing the bedroom (taking one room at a time), and I think this weekend is going to be the same story. Just bedroom switched out with living room. What are you guys up to this weekend? Any fun plans? Maybe you just moved too? For some reason a lot of people in New York are moving right now or about to move soon. I don’t know if I notice because I just moved, or if it’s actually moving season right now.

aimee-kestenberg-bagAlso, can we talk about this kimono (affiliate similar here)? It’s actually a wrap dress that I’ve been using as a kimono for a layered effect. It’s still quite warm in New York, but this piece of clothing has allowed me to feel a little autumnal. I crave autumn right now, and the fact that it rained the other day almost made me a little too happy (I’m that crazy lady who gets too excited about stuff you’re not supposed to get excited about). With the kimono/dress I wore my fave Levi’s Vintage 501’s (similar here), a Levi’s tee (similar here), my red loafers from Gucci, and my current favorite from Aimee Kestenberg.



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Fall Sunday in NYC