Running Around New York

Saturday Style on the Upper East Side

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I find myself looking forward to the weekend almost from Monday (doesn’t mean I don’t like my job or do exciting thing during the week, but you know, the weekend is the best). I tell myself I’ll sleep in, take long baths, go for walks, read my book… Doesn’t always happen since I tend to schedule loads of (fun!) stuff. TBH I never really sleep in anymore. I think it’s because my body is just used to that rhythm of getting up between 6-7AM and going to bed between 9-11PM (yeah, I like to go to bed early and get my beauty sleep), so on the weekends my inner clock usually wakes me up latest at 8AM. And actually that works out very nice, because… BRUNCH!

This weekend I met up with my friend to have brunch at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park and a following boatride. Both things had been on my to-do list since I moved here. I had actually invited Edward to go boating’ with me on a date a looooong time ago, but I guess he wasn’t feeling it… Hah! Anyways, Mie was just as good company. We had a lovely two-course brunch with Mimosas and coffee (duh!) while enjoying the gorgeous view of the lake. After, we went on the little boat and I volunteered to row. Jesus, that was a good workout in the 28 (humid!!!) degrees we had, but it was honestly so much fun. We even saw turtles!

I went with a casual chic outfit putting on some always trusted jeans and a loose button down. Turned out that loose shirt & humidity was a very good combo – at least I got a little circulation of air… I layered some jewelry, threw on some sunnies and my beloved Gucci accessories and I was ready for a girls day out.



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