New job, new apartment, semi-new style

Running Around New York

img_9522Affiliate links: Dress Zara, Shoes Superga, Bag SKALL Studio, Sunglasses Celiné

I’m pretty sure, I’m living what has come the closest to my dream so far. A new job that pushes me, makes me want to be better every single day, and one that puts a smile on my lips. I even want to take my work laptop home with me to continue working at home… I haven’t experienced that in a loooong time (I was unfortunately stuck in a job that had more dramatic and bad happenings than good ones). This outfit is from yesterday, where we had a F/W17 shoot planned for most of the day. It’s always fun to get away from the desk and be creative with the camera and styling. One of the places we shot was in front of the old post office on 8th Avenue. Such a beautiful building! I knew we were going to be on our feet most of the day, so I wore my white Superga sneaks and a comfy t-shirt dress from Zara. Styled it up with jewelry and put my hair up in a bun.

zara-dressimg_9538Also, Edward and I are very, very close to finding our new apartment, and it’s all very exciting! I will of course tell more about the new apartment, when we’ve actually signed a deal and are moving in (please let it be before Thanksgiving real-estate God). But the one we just saw last night, we are truly in love with! It has almost everything on my wish list, which sounds like this:

  • Spacious rooms, check
  • Natural light (big windows), check
  • Area, check
  • Kitchen space, check
  • Not on 1st floor, check (it’s on 3rd)

The only things missing from the list are:

  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Central A/C
  • Balcony

What we’re trying to figure out is obviously if this is it, or we should keep looking. It’s hard to let a wonderful apartment go and believe that there is something even more right and perfect out there, or if we should go with this one. I do believe the things I couldn’t check off  on the list are things you don’t really get for our budget… So maybe those will have to wait for the next move, which will be a house. I’ll keep you posted!



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New job, new apartment, semi-new style