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New job, new apartment, semi-new style

topshop-jeansAffiliate links: Zara Top \ Topshop Jeans \ Gucci shoes \ Céline sunglasses

These days I’m running around with Edward trying to find a new apartment. We ultimately want to move next month, but definitely before Thanksgiving, which gives a lot of extra work on top of just starting my new job. So we run around during the weekend and after work to see different places. I’ve actually started vlogging and also filmed some of the apartments that we’ve seen (the ones that are even worth filming – wait actually it would be fun to show all the bad apartments!), because I thought it would be fun for you guys to follow the hunt. The New York hustle is real, I’m telling you.

Other than the apartment “news” I also wanted to show you an outfit that has been an office favorite this month. I’ve changed my style slightly after starting my new job, just because it’s a way more professional environment, and I want to show my best self you know. So I’m leaning a little more towards the business vibe, but still keeping it trendy. I recently found this wrap blouse in Zara, which reminded me a bit of the Jacquemus Polka Dot blouse that I’ve been eyeing for what feels like ages (real time: a few weeks), but which is also way too expensive for my current budget (read: I want to move apartments). H&M also designed a blouse with the same vibe, but I honestly just hated the material.. Long story short: I went with the Zara option and styled it with white raw hem jeans, my classic Gucci shoes, and statement sunglasses from Céline.




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