I live in my white jeans

Fourth of July

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Happy Fourth of July everyone!

I’ve been blessed with a 4-day weekend, and since Friday afternoon (hallelujah Summer Friday!) I’ve found myself in a mellow state of mind. Vacation state of mind. Also T-11 days till I’m on the plain to Barcelona with my love. We’re meeting my family and staying in a villa an hour outside of Barcelona. I’m so freaking ready to lay by the pool (also, I’ve bought two picturesque floaties, and I cannot wait to show you), read books and magazines, drink wine, cook delicious dinners, and enjoy the long warm nights surrounded by the wine yards.

But back to this 4-day weekend! Because I’ve been hanging out in Central Park with my man, tanning in Williamsburg with my good friend, eating delicious oysters at my friends’ new bar in Astoria, I also went to a real American BBQ upstate, and then did a little shopping to get ready for Spain. As I’m not American, I don’t feel that associated with Fourth of July, but I love how much people have been celebrating over the weekend. Fireworks every night. And I have definitely been celebrating in my way. By relaxing and hanging out with people I love. And by wearing summer outfits and no make-up. This outfit is one of those. I have looked better, but sometimes it’s good to just don’t care. I’m actually just wearing a bikini under, as I was going tanning in the park. I love the denim cut-offs, which I bought vintage last summer, the yellow details, and of course my beloved straw bag with pink pom poms (which I also showed more here)




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I live in my white jeans