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I live in my white jeans

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I wanna say Edward and I have had the cutest “argument” in our relationship to date. He got up a little later than me this morning, so I was already dressed and running around the apartment. He gets up and stops up “You’re not wearing those jeans again, are you?” Uhm, yes I said.  He was talking about my new white jeans. I basically live in them. But since I also just bought them, that means I’ve only actually worn them three times. Today being my third. In one week though. Edward’s argument was that I cannot wear the same statement jeans (“they are statement jeans, because they are white,”  he says) three times in the same week. “You can definitely wear blue jeans every day, because you could have many blue jeans. But no one has many white jeans.” Ladies and gentlemen, my boyfriend. And the main reason that I can’t where my white jeans three times in a week is that “you work in an office that’s fashionable. It’s gross to wear the same outfit twice.” I love him. My little fashionisto.

I obviously ended up wearing the jeans (because I love them), but kept on smiling about our little morning fashion discussion. I wonder if anybody was thinking the same as Edward. I guess, I’ll never know (please let me know in the comments if I’m totally wrong here, haha).



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Love Is Love Is Love Is Love