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Rainy Saturday


Yesterday was one of those day with constant rain, so my plans of tanning in Central Park all day and eating ice cream quickly burst. The past week has been full of days with sun and 30 degrees celsius, so I shouldn’t complain. Instead I planned a treat for Pernille and I in China Town. Because what do you do on a rainy day in New York City? You obviously check out a cute coffee spot!

I had been eyeing Sweet Moment for a while because of their iconic latte art (Instagram is filled with pictures from this place), so we just had to try it out. I got the Matcha latté accompanied by a Tiramisu, and Pernille got their Oreo Shaved Ice Cream. Yummmmmm, we were in for a treat! And seriously, check out the cutest little face on that latté. I definitely need to come back to try the chocolate and red velvet versions. If nothing else, then for the photo, because boy does it look cute on Instagram.




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Instagram Inspo #1