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Instagram Inspo #1

I spend the majority of my day on Instagram researching cool influencers. Mostly because my job is in social media, but I really enjoy it. With that amount of Instagram exploring I obviously open my eyes for many new, inspiring accounts, so I thought I would start sharing them in here. I feel like the world needs some love, so this is my way of giving a little love to my industry <3 And if you want, you can check out my Instagram right here.


Oumayma El boumeshouli

Oumayma brings her exotic Moroccan roots to the cool landscape of Amsterdam (and other European citys) and I love how effortless chic she is. Her grid is one big mood board, and I always get inspired when checking out her new photos.


Alyssa Coscarelli

Alyssa lives in NYC and is the Fashion Market Editor at Refinery 29. I adore her style! I often look to her account to get inspiration for new places to check out in the city. She posts (in my eyes) perfect outfits day after day in the cool scenery of New York.


Zanita Whittington

#GirlBoss. I find Zanita so f***ing cool. She makes me want a permanented, blond bob. She’s one of those girls, that doesn’t have to try and even makes a mirror selfie look like the shiz. And also, I love following her travels and get inspired by new places to visit (always more to do, more to see).


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Happy Monday!