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Happy Monday!


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Hey everyone!

I hope you had an amazing weekend filled with lovely happenings. For me, this was a milestone weekend, as Summer Friday started (when the office closes earlier, in my case 3PM, because it’s hot and summery outside). So the weekend started early, and I was sooooo excited! I headed to Williamsburg for a cozy afternoon/night with my good friend Pernille. My office being located in Chelsea, this was a perfect opportunity to go to Brooklyn.

And for this special occasion I obviously had to wear something very summer appropriate. What else than a good pair of striped pants? Paired with my Two Songs tee (which supports breast cancer hence the rose tits), my red bag, and a pair of sandals I felt so ready.





After shopping around all the cool vintage stores in Williamsburg, we went down to the water to watch the sunset. If there’s one thing that can amaze me every single day, it’s the sunset. It. Is. So. Breathtaking. Especially after I moved to NYC have I seen some out-of-this-world sunsets (Does anybody else care this much about the sun setting? Haha). We ended up eating dinner outside in the summer night. A good glass of red wine, a lasagna. Two happy gals.

The rest of my weekend I basically just enjoyed the sun. Did some biking. Did some shopping (if you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen all of this). I also attempted to start my very first vlog. A seriously awkward thing to do, when you’re around Columbus Circle and therefore around a lot of people. People who don’t necessarily understand why you’re talking to your camera. But I promised myself I would start this year, so that I am.

Anyways, it’s Monday, time to get this new week started. Let’s go make it amazing!




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