A Perfect Afternoon in the East Village

Lately I’ve Been…

I’ve made a promise to myself: Say yes to more. Lately I’ve been struggling with my mood and therefore naturally revisiting the “what makes me happy” talk with myself. A talk that would often happen on a long walk with a podcast in my ears (Maybe I should make a blog post with a list of my favorite ones. Would that be interesting to you guys?). One thing that I’ve realized is that working too much and not saying yes to social events (because I’m exhausted from work) is the way to hell. At least for me. So without overdoing it, #balance, I’ve decided to say yes to more. Yes to more that will add to my happiness and well being. Adding to my happiness account, if you will. To keep myself up on this I’m going to start sharing these moments with you.

Here’s what I’ve been doing lately:


Dinner at La Esquina with my lovely friend Pernille. We celebrated June 1st with margaritas and some of the best tacos I’ve ever tasted. La Esquina is located in SoHo, and has the coolest retro look and most importantly tables outside (very important to us Danish people who use every occasion we can to sit outside in the sun).


Went for a peaceful walk in the Village. I often spend my lunch breaks going on a calming walk around the West Village. I love looking at beautiful town houses and cool people. Especially if I have a lot on my mind, this is the perfect cure.


Coffee at The Wren and flower shopping (which didn’t lead to that much shopping actually) with Pernille in the East Village.


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Been wearing my new blue/white striped Zara shirt. I love the lace detail and how summerly it makes me feel. So much that I wore it two times in one work week. One day with my beloved Asos culottes (similar here) for a normal day at the office, and the other day with Levi’s 501’s and classic Gucci shoes for a preview at The Mark Hotel (where I also got to enjoy the amazing terrace).


I got my cultural fix at Walead Beshty’s Open Source exhibit at Petzel Gallery. It was 50% weird, 50% cool. I love visiting the small galleries in Chelsea and often find the art way more interesting than in the big museums (although I do love a good museum afternoon). And it always result in a cool Instagram photo.


Went on a romantic date with my boyfriend at East Village’s Raclette. Edward found this spot on Instagram and we watched many videos with melting cheese. Yummmm. It was so good, but we also both had a cheese hangover after.


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