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Memorial Day Weekend Get-Away

Whomever came up with the idea of bank holidays should get an applause. I guess Memorial Days isn’t the most cheerful bank holiday there is, but nevertheless I cheered a lot about the fact that we had Monday off. And so I took Friday off as well. You know, just to do the long weekend thing right. Four day weekend, three day work week. How about that?

Edward and I went to Cape Cod for the weekend (and then we can also check of Massachusetts on our travel-in-the-US list) and I figured I would take you with us.



We stayed at The Inn at Cape Cod, a luxury inn in Yarmouth, and coming from New York City it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. Nevertheless it was the perfect place to regain energy. The inn has nine rooms, all unique and beautiful in their way. It honestly felt like we lived there. The house is almost 200 years old, and the big pillars by the front porch constantly reminded me of the White House. Maybe that’s why it felt so majestic living there. And we definitely enjoyed both morning coffee and sundowners right there on the porch (does anyone else have a drink while the sun goes down during vacation? Or is it just my family trying to come up with an excuse to drink?)



Edward’s birthday!! I woke up so excited for this day (am I the only one who seriously look forward to celebrating other people’s brithdays?). The weather was amazing, so we figured this would be the right day to head to Provincetown for a stroll and some delicious seafood. I had no idea how cozy this little town would be. I couldn’t stop taking photos of pretty houses, the view of the sea, and constantly asked Edward for a selfie. I’m such a sucker for picture-esque places, and they inspire me endlessly.

This was also the day I tried eating a whole lobster for the first time in my life. It was so, so delicious. I can’t believe I never ordered that before… Boy, have I been missing out!







As Yarmouth is only about an hour from Boston, we decided to take a drive here. It being Memorial Weekend, we figured we would check out the Boston Common and do some sightseeing as well. Boston is such a clean city compared to NYC, and I really enjoyed how small the center is. We parked the car and walked around for a couple of ours, stopped for lunch at the award-winning Dumpling House in China Town, took loads of photos by the Boston Common, and then headed back to the inn to change outfits for our dinner reservations.






Before we checked out and headed home I took a little time to just sit in the garden, read a book, drink a cup of coffee, and listen to the birds. It’s not often in NYC that the only noise is birds chirping, you know…

And then one more outfit photo before the drive home.


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5 Things I'm Grateful for as of This Morning 7 AM