Spring has sprung (need to pull this pun at least once a year, haha) in New York City, and I’m in the midst of a major clean out of my wardrobe. I forgot how energizing it is to throw away stuff and make room for new. But instead of just throwing out everything or giving it to charity, I’ve tried giving new life to old items. Wearing them in new ways.

During my clean out I decided that I needed a fun pair of sandals for this summer, which I found on a random Madison Ave stroll in a random vintage store. I decided to take a peek because I saw how you needed to ring a bell to be let in. In my head there obviously must be treasures in there! And there was. I found these one of a kind Aladdin-like Oscar de la Renta mules with loads of beats. They remind me of the shoes Carrie buys at the market in Abu Dhabi in SATC 2 (do you know what I’m referring to?). The salesman told me he thought I was very young to be owning a pair of Oscar de la Renta shoes, but I don’t care. I love them.

Having bought new shoes made me put on two high street oldies (but goodies) from Zara and ASOS. The trousers I’ve had for years, and the shirt I bought last summer. For some weird reason it satisfies me to wear old items but feeling all cool in them again. Do you guys get excited about that as well?



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