I’m hoping that this was the last blizzard before we can finally say “Hello” to spring. Yesterday was definitely the worst it’s been so far this year. The trains and buses were closed down, so I worked home (probably like everyone else in this city). When it was time for my daily walk I grabbed my camera and went out there. New York turn into this peaceful place, and it’s a pretty unique experience, that I wanted to share with you guys. I’m located in The Bronx, so the surroundings are very raw. The photos have the rawness in them, but are such a rare sight with no cars driving on the road and no people on the sidewalk. All the stores were closed. It kinda made me feel like there had been a zombie apocalypse. I wish I was on The Upper East with all the epic Paris-like buildings, but oh well, The Bronx it is.

I hope you enjoy the photos!



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