Prada Silk Shirt

I said yellow, didn’t I? So here you go. I’m keeping my word. Or more like I’m keeping my believe in yellow (and purple) being the shiz this year. This vintage dress shirt from Prada might not be a very yellow yellow, but I couldn’t resist it when I saw it hanging there in my local vintage pusher. It was yelling out my name. And the same goes for the 90’s jeans I’m wearing. Saw them. Had to have them. They are the Levi’s 501 high rise model, which I’ve been looking for everywhere! 

I’m loving how the lighter colors make the outfit fresher and more spring-like although this day was almost too cold to be taking outfit photos (come oooon spring). I’m not lying when I say we shot for max 10 minutes, and it was almost impossible to shoot without a jacket. But I wanted to show you guys, because this is very much a go-to for me right now.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and got inspired!


90's outfit

SoHo Outfit



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