I woke up to a snowy NYC this morning. Excited as a kid on Christmas Day. Edward, not so much (only when he’s inside, he claims). But after cooking him breakfast (and cleaning up after!) I convinced him that going for a walk in the snow was the greatest idea ever. So out we went. Fun fact: New Yorkers really look like they are the biggest haters of snow on earth. I don’t blame them though. New York kinda goes silent, and no roads are cleared. Instead of facing the cold blanket covering the city, they just give in. No busses. No outdoor subways running. No people in the street. I mean, growing up in Denmark pretty much taught me how to deal with winter. I love snow. The good snow. You know, the snow that makes that *crunch crunch* sound as you walk on it (please tell me you know what I mean, haha).

Here’s 10 things I love about Winter:

  1. The air smells so fresh and clean (unless NYC has one of those smelly cat days which happens way too often)
  2. A long walk followed by a hot cup of (insert drink by choice here) feels so good
  3. Snow! Need I say more?
  4. Coats, sweaters, turtlenecks, cashmere, wool, fur… All the warm and snuggly clothes.
  5. Cute winter accessories like furry hats and pink emoji gloves
  6. It’s always okay to stay in bed all day with a TV-show marathon
  7. Going to the cinema – can we just talk about how many new movies that are worth watching right now? My list is long!
  8. Lighting candles!
  9. Warm baths. I’m so lucky to have a bathtub now (never had one), and I truly enjoy coming home from a long day at work, throwing in some essential oils, a bubble bar and a bath bomb, and putting on a face mask. It’s such important me-time, and even Edward has started preparing a warm bath for me if he sense that I’m having a bad day or am stressed out.
  10. Looking forward to Spring. I know that’s a weird statement on a list of what I love about Winter. But once the Christmas/New Year’s festivities are over, I just long for Spring and warmer temperatures again. And isn’t the very best thing about the changing seasons the fact that we have something new to look forward to? I most certainly believe that.


Let me know in the comments below, what you love about Winter.


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