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2016 has in many ways been an eventful year. Many things has happened personally and professionally, and no matter if it was the most annoying thing ever or the best thing I could imagine in my life, they have all made me into the person I am today. Soon we’re entering a new year, 2017 is literally around the corner, so I thought it would be fun to look back, but also look ahead.

First up, here’s the events that I remember the most from 2016:

5. Opening my eyes for nails salons here in NYC. I’m very specific with my manicure and cannot walk around with chipped nails (I know, minor issue in reality), so after trying many different places I have found my nail lady, Kim, whom I visit every 2-3 weeks. #MeTime

4. I went to a Lukas Graham concert here in NYC. I’m a huge fan, and have seen loads of concerts with him back in Denmark, and it just makes me so proud that he’s made it in America now.

3. The election. Can we just talk a little more about that… Trump as president. Something I didn’t think possible. And something I wrote this blog post about. A blog post I named ‘Silence’ — I think that says it all.

2. I was hired full time at Nadine Johnson, which basically led me into my real (sometimes way more boring than expected) adult life. First result: The visa process is taking way too long (which meant that I couldn’t see my family back in Denmark over Christmas, which then resulted in a few tears on Christmas Eve). Second result: I’m always stupidly tired on Fridays after work and therefore I now only go out maybe 10% of what I used to. Third result (more positive): I have been able to invest in two pairs of amazing shoe wear, my Miu Miu princess shoes and latest addition my Gucci loafers.

1. I moved in with my boyfriend. Or more like, I moved into my boyfriends apartment (because I basically spent more time in his apartment than in my own) and a new world of “living together kinda couple” opened to me. It’s been good, I’ve learned a lot about myself, about him. About love.

Stay tuned for my wishes for 2017 coming up tomorrow!

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