I’m celebrating my second Thanksgiving this year. I feel like a little kid before Christmas (frankly, it feels like a second Christmas, but that’s probably also how the Americans feel). Thanksgiving plans you ask? Well I of course started the day out watching Thanksgiving morning TV. I’m seriously feeling so cheerful already. I’m ready to decorate the house. The Christmas tree can move in any time now (tick tock), I have the stockings ready. I’m there. Later I’m celebrating with Edward’s family on the Upper West which means Haitian style turkey and all that comes with it. I’ve baked an apple pie (first time ever) and bought almond milk vanilla ice cream to serve on the side. After the feast Edward and I are headed for a Christmas movie in the cinema. I’ve been told going to the movies on Thanksgiving is very ‘New York’, so that’s what we’re doing.

But to the most important thing (who am I kidding, the food is the most important thing)… The outfit. The best advice my manager gave me yesterday at work was “wear sweatpants.” Now, she has obviously not seen my sweatpants, because then I’m pretty sure she would not suggest such thing. #NotHappening. But I am taking her advice into consideration though. So I’ve thrown on my über comfortable checked pants, a red sweater for a little pop(!), and for accessories a pair of fishnet stocking just peeping out from my loafers. Comfortable is key. I hope I nailed it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May you have a happy one.



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