3 books to read this November


It’s time to light up the candles, make a cuppa (insert hot drink of own choice), and cuddle up under a blanket with a good book. One of my favorite me-time activities during fall and winter. Below are three of my favorite books for this season. All of them really good Christmas/advent gifts for your friend, sister etc.

Bloom – Navigating Life and Style
by Estée Lalonde

Without spoilers this book is about: Travel on a journey trough ups and downs in Estée’s life. From how she battled anxiety and depression, the first few videos she made for her YouTube channel and what inspired her to start making videos, to feminism, beauty, and home decor to her personal relationships (including a chapter about her grey hound Reggie) and her two homes London & Canada. Bloom is a feel good book, very eye-opening to life, and I often sat back with a feeling of “I so know what you’re talking about“. Estée writes in a lovely and clever language and her great sense of style shows in the minimalist and very inspiring layout.

Capture Your Style
by Aimee Song

Without spoilers this book is about: Aimee takes you through the secrets of Instagram step-by-step, while giving little personal stories along the way. From the basics of creating a profile on Instagram and explaining what everything is, till how to find the right location for your outfit, till photo editing (and which app’s to use) and much more. Although I work full time with social media for a PR firm, I still took some advices from this book and found a lot of Aimee’s tips very inspiring. It truly left me with wanting to ‘gram away. The book easy to read, the visuals are so beautiful, and I was even more inspired by Aimee’s style and life after finishing her book.

Love X Style X Life
by Garance Doré

Without spoilers this book is about: I had actually never read Garance’s blog before picking up this gorgeous looking book that just screamed “take me home” with it’s perfect dusty pink color. Starting with a story from her childhood, Garance basically takes us through her life and touches subjects as style, carreer, idols, beauty, and gives little inspiring quotes on the way. Love, Style, Life is a pleasure to read and very often made me smile, not so talk about the visuals of the book which basically is the perfect mix of the most creative notebook you can imagine and your favorite pinterest board.




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