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Monday blues? Just add a hoodie



This morning I was battling big time with my outfit. Late night(s) of Halloween-partying (plus a failure trying to dress up as a member of Pink Ladies, but ending up looking like a pink version of myself) this weekend combined with a good amount of Moët, Vodka Cranberry cocktails, and hangover junk food still showed in the shape of an annoyingly big food-baby this morning. Also, add on top of that the early hours this took place. I probably tried on twenty different combinations. Checked suit pants and Lewi’s logo-tee? No. Slim jeans and turtleneck? No. My at-the-moment-favorite red shirt. Too tight.

I finally gave in and settled for a hoodie. I mean, everything else made me look 7 months pregnant. But actually the hoodie fit my Monday Blues very well. I ended up feeling pretty chic all day. A comfortable I-don’t-care kinda chic. Also I wanted to rock the “hoodie under classic trench coat”-look appearing to be a trend this season (which I’m pretty happy about). Apparently I was not the only one feeling that vibe, because when I met with my friend for pick-me-up afternoon coffee we looked at each other and laughed. I guess she also had the Monday Blues and the food-baby. She was wearing light-washed jeans, a gray hoodie with “New York” printed over the chest, and a black classic trench coat. Totally matching my light-washed jeans, black hoodie, and camel trench coat. Fashion joke. But we got a hilarious selfie.

Happy start of the week guys!


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