Morning coffee in the most perfect autumn setting

When did everyday life become fashionable?


Since Karl Lagerfeld said so I guess. And Instagram.

Taking photos is a part of my life. And many others. I live in visuals. What will work for photos, which scenery can create a story, and how can I make a metaphor about my new heels and how I feel about life. Also did you really go to the gym, if you didn’t snap a photo of your sweaty forehead or how many kilometers you just ran to all your friends? And did you really have Sunday brunch with good friends, if you didn’t post a photo of the perfect flatly? I think not. Everyday life, and everything that comes with it (doing laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the house.. Ick) becomes a little more fun if you make a thing out of it. Capture those imperfect moments, you know?

Pasta for dinner? Snap it. Taking out the trash? Pose for the camera. Grocery shopping? Put on a little make-up, your favorite outfit, and embrace that can of soup, bag of rice, or colorful detergent. Look like you mean it. Let the extra long sleeves, someone predicted as a trend this season, protect you from those frozen clams. Hide behind your too-cool-for-school Céline sunnies, nobody needs to know that under them you look like a Saturday night with too little sleep and too many margaritas. Let your perfectly checked pants with ruffled pocket hem emphasize your non existing fear of looking like a grandfather (add a pipe and a trenchcoat and you might as well be 80 y/o), and let those wisely chosen sneaks work as the icing on the cake. You know what you’re doing, while picking up those cans of tuna. Swiping that credit card. Sweeping the dust off of the floor. You got it.









  • Isabella

    Slap aaaaaaaf nogle seje billeder smukke!
    Love, love, love!!

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Christina Wonsbeck

      Hvor er du bare sød! Du er savnet i New York :-*

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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Morning coffee in the most perfect autumn setting