Welcome to my dark paradise

Morning coffee in the most perfect autumn setting


Good morning from a sunny but chilly New York.

This morning I broke up my “medium black coffee from Starbucks”-routine and tried something else. It feels so refreshing and actually quite inspiring doing something else. Be it walking a different route to work, getting off the train at another station, and yes, drinking your morning brew from some place new. I ended up at The French Block and ordered a black coffee. The service was so phenomenal and while taking photos for the blog the owner came out to say hi. Very nice guy!

I enjoyed my coffee in the most perfect autumn setting surrounded by pumpkins and flowers almost making me forget the busy Chelsea streets that was right in front of me. Just right for a relaxing 15 minutes, trying to wake up my body, before heading to my office.

It’s mornings like this that make my day!

The French Block in Gansevoort Market, 353 W 14th St, New York




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Welcome to my dark paradise