Autumn, is that you?

Welcome to my dark paradise


An then came October… I don’t know if it’s the darker times we’re entering, the fact that Halloween is coming up (bigger deal than ever, since I moved to America), or just the Grunch-inspired catwalk looks from PFW, I’ve been eyeing, that has made me look towards that dark paradise. Probably just all of them together.

I’m a firm believer that all people have two sides. Many sides in fact. But one of the sides being their darker self. A side made of melancholy, power, that inner bitch, and for me the place/mood where I seek the most inspiration. The side where I think the deepest thoughts. Feel the deepest feelings. It’s probably a side that also makes me go inside my own head, and where I’ve often been told I’m hard to reach. But today I wanted to bring out that side. That creative dark side of mine. In a fashionable way of course.

Lately I’ve been very much into hoodies and chokers. My mom called me Punk, but I just call it fashion, baby! I also went for a dark lip to bring out the bitch with attitude (we all know she’s in there somewhere). This October I dare you to get her out as well, if anything you can just say you’re preparing for Halloween. And I tell you, it feels darn good.





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Autumn, is that you?