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Floral jeans & princess stilettos




I don’t think I’ve ever been so materialistically satisfied, as when I bought my Miu Miu heels. Leandra Medine said it so well: “My eight year old self is so jealous of current me. The good news is we’re on in the same.” They bring out the inner princess, that I still dream about. The baby pink furry heel, soft silky front, and sparkly details.It felt so, so, so good walking into the Miu Miu store in SoHo, try on the babies, and  say ?I?ll take them!? So here they are (my Instagram family will have already seen them both here, here and here) styled with embroidered mom-jeans and a silk camisole. I love styling them with laid back items, but I actually also think other ?laud? items (like the embroidered jeans) connects very well with the girly shoes.

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