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Visiting the Instagram HQ: Here’s what I learned

14081075_10157259085030655_1045204185_nThe view from the Instagram/Facebook HQ

A few weeks back I had a very exciting meeting. Not only was it with Instagram, but it was with Instagram-legend Eva Chen (I’m a big fan, if your can’t tell). It was all about how to improve the appearance on Instagram, and about the trends and tendencies that are showing. I left so inspired, so I thought “Why not share all the tips and tricks?”. I took tons and tons of notes, so I boiled it down to the 5 most asked Q’s.

How to gain new followers

  • Great original content
    • In the moment, mobile-first, focus on outtakes, and randomness — Photos that look like you took them yourself (with your phone) perform better than polished, professional photography
  • Behind-the-scenes shots — content that is ?more real? and ?intimate?
  • Followers tagging friends is ?a digital shoulder tap? and you should see it as a positive thing
  • Engage with you followers as well as the people you follow
    • Comment on photos, like photos, follow people that inspire you
    • Reply to comments like you are best friends, and reply in a timely fashion

How to gain more likes

  • Show and tell
  • Behind the scenes/ pull back the curtain / everyday life
    • People love to see how other people live their lives and get inspired by it
  • Show personality
  • People open Instagram around 19-50 times a day (I’m guilty of 50+), so Eva actually said that posting 6-10 times a day is the ultimate number if you want to get seen by your followers (I post 3-4 times a day)


  • Outside of fashion, hashtags are HUGE
    • Millions of users are looking up hashtags, so don’t think they are uncool to use
  • Etiquette
    • 1-2 #’s for your caption; put the rest of your desired hashtags in a comment (up to 30)
    • When other people comment with hashtags, they will not show up in searches and use count

Content that gets great engagement

  • Lifestyle, fashion & inspiration (check out Viktoria Dahlberg or Pernille Theisbæk as examples)
    • Curating a lifestyle
    • Think of the grid as show and tell
  • Behind-the-scenes, pulling back the curtain
  • Abundance (Beauty brands ex. organized objects — make up)
  • Place settings


  • Give context about the photo
  • Give followers something a little bit extra they can?t see anywhere else
  • Choose how you want to tell YOUR story and keep it consistent


  • Boomerang — makes you stop and linger
    • Loopable video, no hard-stop, hypnotic
  • Forget about likes for videos — it?s all about the view count
  • Super-produced content does not perform as well on Instagram
  • The first three seconds are the most important
    • Put the most compelling part at the beginning
  • Mobile-first-produced video performs better (content that was made for the platform)
  • Play with slow-mo and hyperlapse


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