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I live in a city with endless coffee shop and restaurant offers. Living here for a year I have tried some really good and cozy spots, but I have also quickly come into a rutine of where to go, when meeting friends or just hanging out with a book or my laptop. And so I’ve made a promise to myself: I have to try a new spot once a month (I do have a full time job taking most hours away, so once a month sounds reasonable). Last week I decided to try out the heavily instagrammed Café Henrie located on 116 Forsyth St. in China Town. (I obviously also had to get my perfect IG-shot)

The café is decorated with retro colors like baby pink and blue, the walls are covered in black and white posters and photographs. The waiters were dressed casually in mom jeans, or even denim cut-offs and loose tees, one was wearing a light silk camisole, and converse. I so wanna recreate that outfit!

I had the acai bowl and a cappuccino with soy milk, and it was as good as it looks. I definitely want to go back and try the rest of the menu.

 IMG_7791 interior IMG_7796 IMG_7795coffee


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