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IMG_7297Jacket Zara | Shirt Ralph Lauren | Jeans Monki | Shoes H&M | Sunglasses Celine | Bag Joy Gryson

A late Saturday afternoon last week I found myself walking around in the SoHo area. A little shopping here and there, but mostly just enjoying the calming weekend and the energy from the city. The past few weeks have been insanely busy. So many events. From Met Gala, launches at restaurants, and hotel happenings to long meetings and an office dog photoshoot (w. the dog styler, check out her website and InstagramChantal is simply the coolest girl). On top of that it’s still visitor season, and my best friend is currently staying with me, which means entertaining after work and in the weekends (don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it, but I might be drinking a little more coffee than usual).

IMG_7280 IMG_7307IMG_7291IMG_7300 IMG_7305

Despite the crazy work load I just feel a huge amount of inspiration these days. I’m full of ideas, and just want to create. I blame the sunny and warm weather we’re having here in New York. That always gives me a ton of energy! Being inspired also means (at least for me) an urge for shopping. Latest addition to my closet is this mustard yellow pleather jacket from Zara. A bit of a statement piece and I love it. I’ve never been afraid of color (btw don’t you just love pink and blue this spring?) and this jacket is definitely going on the top 10 favorites this year. I predict it to go all the way into fall.

I hope you guys have a great weekend!



  • Farmor

    Du ser skøøøn ud.

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  • Farmor

    Du ser bare så godt ud og det gør jakken også. Dejligt med ny energiii. KH FM

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