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IMG_6796Shirt Ralph Lauren | Jeans Top Shop | Belt Asos | Shoes Vagabond | Sunglasses Celine

I?m a firm believer that you are shaped by your surroundings. When it comes to how you see things, and when it comes to fashion. I was born in the summer of 1992 and therefore was a little girl getting my very first years of shape during the 90?s. I?ve always loved movies and TV-shows from that age. I especially became good friends with the teens from West Beverly High. Kelly, Donna, Brandon, Brenda, Dylan, David, Andrea. That show has a special place in my heart. And so has the fashion ? both in the show, and in real life. The late 90?s was all about the casual chic look, and so came the mom jeans, the loose tee, hoodies, sneakers, loose button downs in all sorts of colors and of course Ray-Ban?s ?Club Master?.

In my 23-year-old life I?ve kept my love for the casual chic trend (luckily it also found its way back into fashion yet again, so I can buy all the cool styles), and I even made a Pinterest Board to celebrate just that. And so from time to time I can be found wearing an outfit looking like I was back in the decade I love the most.


Sunday was no exception, as I hopped on the subway to meet a good friend at Toby?s Estate in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I felt great in the bright color, almost as was I wearing Spring with that pink button down Ralph Lauren shirt, and the high rise mom jeans suited my mood perfectly (although Edward most of all said I looked like a school teacher). Crazy enough, I always get a great ?back to my roots? and ?this is so me? feeling, when I go for the 90?s trend. That will probably follow me all my life. The 90?s shaped my sense of style. I will always love following the newest trends in fashion, but I will always love the 90?s.

90's babeIMG_6836

What’s your favorite decade and why? I would love to hear your story!



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