Before Spring settles

Sunday fun day


Tee The Gap | Jeans Levi’s | Shoes Nike Huarche | Scarf Levi’s | Bag Michael Kors | Sunglasses Ray-Ban

What’s better than a day of nothing to do but enjoy good company and a great brunch (and coffee)? That was my Sunday. An early brunch at the cozy Aussie café “Bluestone Lane” in The Village, was quickly followed by loads of shopping in SoHo. I simply cannot wait for Spring to arrive here in The City. It’s like we’re getting a taste of it, but it’s not quite warm enough to drop the jacket yet (except when you find that perfect spot in the sun).

I was especially on the hunt for one item. A new pair of sunglasses. More specific: Céline. I had been discussing this with myself for some weeks, and had come to the conclusion, that this buy was necessary. First of all because they make everything look like a million. You can literally look (and feel) like a piece of shit, and they’ll still fool people to think you are on fleek. And second of all because the sun shines 90% of the days here, and one just need to have several pair of sunglasses. That’s obvious. Right?






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Before Spring settles