Before Spring settles


Jacket Uniqlo Sweater Aritzia | Necklace Jacquie Aiche & Jane Konig | Sunglasses Ray-Ban | Bag Gucci | Pants H&M | Shoes Zara

New York is currently on the fence of Winter vs. Spring. One might call it an early state of schizophrenia. I call it shopping season. The “get ready for what’s to come”-season. Maybe because I’m tired of the zero degrees demanding their seat front row in this show, or maybe because the brands are booming with new inspiring collections. Maybe both.

But one thing’s for sure: I went shopping. On a bright and sunny Saturday I joined my friend Casey for brunch and shopping (it’s becoming my absolute favorite weekend activity). We walked up and down Upper East Side, making sure we’d seen everything there was to see and a little more. But did I buy anything? No. The disappointment had no end. It’s funny how when you’re really in the “big spender”-mood, you never find anything to buy. Or it that just me? Maybe it’s because the weather is confusing me, and I won’t even be able to wear that cute skirt hanging on the racks in Bloomingdale’s. I am definitely willing to go on a volume II mission. Same time next weekend? (where rumors actually say Spring will come)

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