A Red Bag Tale

Saturday in SoHo


On a very fine Saturday last week I found myself getting up to what felt like Spring had sprung, the sun was standing tall, and my mood was up there with it. It was simply time to get out and about (read hang out in SoHo) and that with a new friend of mine, Casey. We made plans for an 11a.m. brunch at Maman NYC (sorry for the ‘just woke up’-eyes, I hadn’t even had my morning coffee yet).


Photos by Miss Casey.

Despite the good mood, that morning I was running around in the house having a major outfit crisis (I tried on multiple mixes and matches, and had Edward take photos of every single one – poor man…), while trying to cool down my menopause tendencies in the A/C between every outfit (sometimes he must think I’m insane).


I ended up in the very first outfit I had tried on. A very relaxed outfit with bare feet in my espadrilles, leather pants, and a casual tee. So what does that tell you? Always go with your gut! I tell you, that could have saved me the 20min I was late for brunch, and a lot of sweat and craziness.


When walking around in SoHo I always get so inspired by the life and the artsy people. I love discovering little streets, and always picture how I could take a great photo for Instagram or surround a story for the blog with a beautiful location. Do you guys do the same?


Now that we got a taste of warmer weather (I was even swinging around in a tee at one point) I just want more. New York Spring, I’m so ready to say Hello.


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