NYC Stories: Bright moments in West Village

Moncler Grenoble @NYFW

fashion army

One of the most fascinating presentations I have ever seen at Fashion Week. Moncler Grenoble took the catwalk a step further in the surroundings of Lincoln Center in New York City. The show started out with the blue “fashion army” walking around to the sound of a constant beat and following orders to new positions. I was there for my job, to update their social media, and shot both videos of the fashion army, the presentation, and photos for Nadine Johnson’s Twitter and Facebook.

After the show, the models took position around the plaza and we could now take a closer look at the collection. I had been worried about the models getting really cold in the -16 degrees celsius that hit The City on Saturday, but boy was I wrong. Their gear was on fleek!



black:white IMG_5563 IMG_5599Mocler details moncler Yellow snow queen

I very quickly agreed with myself that I of course need every single outfit for the next winter here, ’cause I never tried anything so cold. And I’ve never seen warm winter outfits looking so damn fashionable.


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NYC Stories: Bright moments in West Village