A day in Dumbo, Brooklyn & some gorgeous views

When you feel like shit, wear your favorite outfit

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I don’t feel like shit, I actually feel pretty good these days. Nonetheless it is so true. When I’m stressed, sad, or just having an off day, wearing a great outfit, that I feel comfortable in is key. ‘Cause when I feel comfortable, I feel confident. And that shows.

And this goes for days where I’m feeling good as well. It just adds to the positivity to wear your favorite knit, shoes, or maybe a new favorite necklace. Lately I’ve been loving this knit vest by Aritzia, that I bought on one insanely cold January day expecting New York City to bring more where that came from. On top of that my newest purchase(s); the jeans with raw hem, and the bordeaux brogue shoes both victims of drastically reduced cost (read: Zara’s genius sale).


Greene StreetCamel CoatCoat Daniel Hechter

This day I hung out in SoHo with my friend Pernille, doing some shopping, grabbing lunch in Dean & Deluca (accompanied by a nice cup of coffee), and talking about all and nothing. The perfect relaxing Saturday after a long work week. Follow me on Snapchat (chriswonsbeck) and Instagram for everyday updates.

And hey, what’s your favorite outfit at the moment? Comment down below, I would love to know and get inspired!



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A day in Dumbo, Brooklyn & some gorgeous views