Hunting down that perfect, but warm coat

Meeting Carrie Bradshaw aka Sarah Jessica Parker


Sweater Aritzia | Jeans Levis | Necklace Jacquie Aiche

As a teenager I used to binge watch Sex and The City dreaming about becoming a writer myself, live in New York City, and wear fabulous outfits. On top of that I would of course have three gorgeous girlfriends to go to brunch with every Sunday, discuss the latest flirt, and all that jazz. My love for SATC is easily explained. It’s cute, humorous, and full of fashion and luxurious living. With other words: pretty unrealistic. Something I very much discovered when actually moving to New York City. I live in a cheap ass apartment on the tip of Manhattan, I barely have time nor money for shopping, and I work like crazy. But I do have gorgeous friends, with whom I was meeting one Sunday for coffee.

I was waiting outside our coffee joint in Greenwich Village, when I suddenly found myself loosing my jaw to the ground screeching like I was a teenager again. ‘Cause there she was. Sarah Jessica Parker. And the twins holding her hands, while they quickly ran over the street and got into a cab. (She still takes yellow cabs and run around in her high heels!!) She was wearing an outfit very similar to this. All black, a black hat, coat and heels. Vogue was replaced by two adorable children, and Mr. Big by Matthew Broderick. But the way she casually yelled back to him while running across the street like she did back in the early 2000’s. It was so surreal. I got Carried away big time.

She was gone in less than two minutes (I had quickly snapped a photo of her, so I could show the world, because that’s what you do), and there I was picking up my jaw and starting to breath again. My first real celebrity moment, and that certainly hit the bar high. Now I’m just waiting for Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha to come meet Carrie. Maybe next Sunday? One can only dream.

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Hunting down that perfect, but warm coat