Be Your Own Best Friend

Hunting down that perfect, but warm coat


Coat Uniqlo | Jeans Levis | Bag Michael Kors | Boots Vagabond

Once upon a time a fashionista had moved to New York City, and was for the first time in her life facing the cold winter on the east coast. People had been telling her how freezing it gets in The City, but she had not believed them. She had thought, that her upbringing in the Northern Europe had prepared her for crazy winter. But was she wrong!


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The winter set in a little after New Year’s Eve, and the fashionistas hunt for the perfect warm coat set in. Coats was tried on, coats were rejected, coats were bought, and returned again. She were almost about to give up, and give in. But then one night she walked into Uniqlo as she had heard rumors about this brand having perfect warm coats. She walked in, and up the stairs. And there it was, the perfect warm coat. It was a black, had several pockets, it was puffy but did not make her look like the Michelin man, and had a hoodie decorated with beautiful faux fur.

It became a true love story, and they lived happily ever after (hopefully the quality is that good).


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Be Your Own Best Friend