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JOMO (Joy of Missing Out)


Coat Daniel Hechter – Hat Uniqlo – Jeans Levi’s – Boots Vagabond – Ring Flora Danica

And then winter made its appearance… Damn, I think my fingers and toes are about to fall of with these freezing degrees showing up. I kinda felt like once December was over, it’s almost Spring again. But oh well, New York proved me wrong (and ya ya, I sort of knew). I came prepared with new cashmere knit for my head and my fingers, but I tell you, knitted gloves makes it really hard to function these days. I did definitely not think about the fact that my ability to “touch” would go away. Damn! 1-0 to modernity. 1-0 to frustration.



This is actually something I would like to have a little talk about with you guys. As I stated in my New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve become a real victim of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out, in case you missed it, ha ha). I feel like since I moved to NYC half a year ago I’ve had a terrible need to be everywhere, constantly. And when not, I can get so frustrated. I start walking in circles. There has been some times, where I couldn’t even recognize myself, where I just lost my inner calm self. It’s those days, where I have zero money to have fun, where the breakfast, lunch, and dinner consists of oatmeal (without delicious berries and fruit to make it Instagram friendly), that I end up scrolling through different social media platforms. For hours. You know, just to get inspired. Ending up looking at all the amazing stuff everybody else is doing. All the things everybody else is experiencing.

So I want to get better at JOMO-ing. It took a long talk with my boyfriend, and reading an article my friend happened to send me after I had the same conversation with her as well. I need to just enjoy the now. Just enjoy being. Not said, that social media is banned. But now that I’m also working with social media, I need to reboot. Maybe taking an hour here or there where I put my phone away, turn TV and internet off. Or maybe going for a long walk or a coffee with a friend without my phone (terrifying!). 2016 is definitely going to be the year, where I learn how to just be. And I can’t wait.




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