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Merry Christmas & Happy New Website


Shirt Zara – Necklace Jacquie Aiche

The title (and the site itself) pretty much announce what I’m about to say, so instead I’m just gonna throw a big fat “Welcome” out there. Welcome to a new and better Fashion Eclectic! I’m so proud of how it has all turned out (Thank you to my elfs, that has saved me from doing the HTML myself). The layout is so important as it kind of frames the photos and the feeling of the blog, and I just want this www dot to be a place to feel happiness, inspiration, and a lust for more.

SoHo Stroll IMG_5975


Pleather trousers H&M – Boots ASOS – Bag Markberg

Today the “more” being a velvet-y outfit shot in beautiful SoHo in December. It’s funny… Five years ago I bough a velvet blouse in navy blue with big sleeves and an oversized look. I still have it, and I actually think I could start wearing it again. You know, it’s one of those items that were pretty expensive, and therefore you didn’t get rid of it, but instead you kept it because “what if it was to go on trend again”. And here we are, five years later and it’s on trend again. Fashion really do circulate. Today’s look is not about that navy blue velvet blouse from five years ago, but instead about a new fave of mine. A dark green cropped velvet t-shirt. I’m simply loving its simple way to add detail to the outfit, and with a pair of leather trousers and black boots you’re good to go.

This day I was meeting Isabella (who’s behind the blog, wink wink) for coffee plus. Such a cozy Saturday afternoon strolling around the lovely streets of downtown Manhattan, and later on hunting down those Christmas presents to actually being on timely fashion with the upcoming holiday. I successfully managed to buy 99% of all presents, but then ran out of time and ended up running around on the 23rd together with the confused husbands.

IMG_6017 details

I hope you guys are happy with the new layout of Fashion Eclectic, ’cause I certainly am. It’s like the blog got a new outfit, and is now ready to rock 2016 with style.


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