When reality hits you

The Art of Outfit-Emojing


Shirt from Zara

Can I just say Oh My God (cat-smiley with hearts as eyes). How cute is this t-shirt? I’ve been looking to step up my emoji outfit game since my colleague came to work wearing the most gorgeous emoji-sweater ever seen! That evening after work I asked Edward (the boyfriend) if he thought I could justify spending $218 on yarn with glittery pizzas on it. Asking him was probably more like asking myself out loud, and he didn’t really come up with a useful answer anyway… More like “Ya babe, if you feel like that’s what you want to spend your money on”. So I was gonna go to Bloomingdale’s one fine Saturday afternoon, but on my way I stopped in Zara, “just to take a look”, I told myself. And we all know what coming next right? It’s like whomever is up there had heard my prayers, ’cause laying in front of me was this cute emoji tee with two of my all time favorite emojis (the lips and the eyes) to the gentle price of $22. That I could justify to my budget!

I never made it to Bloomingdale’s, but I did make it back to Zara the week after to buy the long sleeved version of the emoji party. One happy shopper!


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When reality hits you