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NYC Stories: FIKA


Shirt Zara / Necklace Jacquie Aiche

One of the things I love the most is when having time to take a long lunch break from work and meet up with good friends. And what I love the most is when we end up at a good coffee shop. What can I say, I’m a coffee lover. It feels like a good cup of coffee always brings good memories with it. And yesterday was no exception. I met up with Emma to catch up (I’m a bad friend who works way too much, and have no time for the rest of the world) and grab a cup. Of course we lost track of time and I had to literally run back to the office to be there in time for my afternoon meeting. (Wups!)





If you’re looking for a good cup of coffee in the Chelsea area, I will definitely recommend you to go to FIKA. It’s this cool spot, with marble tables (they know they have to meet the unwritten Instagram rules), feel good music in the background, and all sorts of different coffee and cake. I got the soy latté and a blueberry muffin. Good times, good times.

FIKA 9th Avenue, 180 9th Avenue (21st street) 10011 New York



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When is the wedding date?