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Ladies (and gents?) it’s about to go down. If you’re not already hungry, you will be after this. As coffee is a mandatory part of my life, I have made it my duty to discover great treasures serving just that here in the city. And I tell you, I think I found a little bit of heaven. Heaven on Bleecker Street.

“I don’t think we’ll find any coffee shops in the area”, I said to my friend walking around in SoHo/West Village-ish (where is the line anyway??!). I tell you, as the words come out of my mouth we walk right up to the cutest French Boulangerie. I guess I spoke too early. In we go. First you enter a delicious-looking bakery, and in the back there’s a cool French-style café. We quickly ordered to cups of cappuccino (mine with soy, which they did a really good job preparing!), croissants, and one of those gorgeous little pieces of chocolate heaven to share. Guys, the coffee, the cake, the service, the prices, the atmosphere… It was all just trés, trés bien! And it actually turns out, they have shops all over the city. I’m definitely coming back to my little heaven on earth.

 Maison Kayser, 326 Bleecker St. (see all of their locations here)


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