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Warning!!! **First-world-problem alert**

NYC weather is pretty skitzo these days, and I feel like I can?t figure out what to wear. The rest of New York can?t either. Walking down two blocks on Broadway I saw people in shorts, t-shirts and other Hawaii-appropriate clothing, and next thing people are wearing coats and boots. Fall makes it very easy to spot the tourists, because they will most likely be the ones wearing outfits taken straight out of a summer sale catalogue, while the New Yorkers will be the ones taken straight out of the North Pole fashion show.

IMG_5010 IMG_5006

But hey, I don?t blame them. One moment I feel like wearing a sweater, boots, and my winter coat; and the other I feel like a skirt and summerly colors. New Yorker vs. tourist. If I were to decide, the temperature would drop to coat-and-layers -degrees, so I could wear my latest purchase: a cropped mohair turtleneck sweater with wide sleeves. It?s gorgeous, but very warm. But for today I just went with a typical office appropriate outfit. Easy and classic.



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