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Central Park


In a city like New York where the pace tend to go faster and faster, everything gets bigger and bigger, and so many people are gathered in one place, it?s so nice to be able to escape to some kind of different world sometimes. As for now, I?m living in the Bronx sleeping on a friends couch until I get my room in Manhattan, and little did I know that the Bronx was gonna push some of my bounderies waaaaaay more than I could imagine. I tell you, some of those eight million people that are gathered here, are just not the average human being.


Take this morning for example? I?m on my way to work and as I?m crossing the street, this big truck suddenly hits a guy. He must have been guarded by an angel, cause he just got up, gathered his stuff (which was thrown all over the streets!), and simply limped away. I walked to the subway station to catch the 4 train to Manhattan. One thing led to another, and on the subway station this teenager is mad crying. Everyone just passed her, but where I’m from you make sure she’s ok. So I did. And so I ended up standing with a crying teenager in my arms, who’s boyfriend has just broken up with her.

Onto the 4 train. It was so packed this morning. Imagine that we’re standing really close, and this woman in front of me suddenly pass out. Again nobody does anything, but watch in silence.

DSC05022At lunchtime that I day, I went for a walk in Central Park with a good friend of mine, and he tells me that here in NYC (at least in the Bronx) you don’t talk to anybody you don’t know. “Cause they might be crazy” he said. I just can’t help thinking about where the humanity went? What if I needed help one day, and nobody bothered to ask or help? I definitely have to get used to that side of the city culture.

The walk in the park was wonderful. The concrete jungle turning into a calming place with no noise but the birds and your own thoughts. So nice. It let me forget about my morning for a while.

DSC05049 On my way home in the subway that night, the man on the speaker started talking about people helping each other to make the subway ride better, and he end with the phrase “Curtesy is contagious, and it begins with you!” Exactly what I’d been thinking all day. Thank you to that chauffeur for telling people what I’d wanted to scream out loud. ‘Cause with so many people gathered, we just gotta look out for each other and spread som love. Period.


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