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IMG_4817I don’t even know where August went. I feel like I just arrived to the city yesterday, but so many things has happened. A lot of exciting stuff, a lot of fucked up stuff, and a whole lot of moving around. Yesterday I met up with a friend to enjoy the sunny Saturday, do a little (necessary!) shopping, and just hang out.

IMG_4845IMG_4839It felt so good to just relax for a bit, and be able to speak Danish. I never really appreciated my mother tongue, but when you move somewhere, where you constantly have to speak another language and think about which words to use in certain situations, you start appreciating the language you where brought up with, and also just how and where you where brought up. At least I do. New York City is very different in so many ways. Good and bad. I think I just hit a wall when it comes to realising where I am, how far away it is from Denmark, and how busy this path I’ve chosen I going to be.



Luckily it turned out that the wall was filled with hearts and colours, and I just have to open my eyes to see them. I mean, I’m in New York City!!! I certainly do feel better after this weekend. Love to you all!


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