Vogue, Kim, two sales assistants, and a dress

SoHo stroll


As for now I’m sitting at a Starbucks on Broadway and Dyckman St. Loud Indie music playing and people standing in a kilometers long line (that was me exaggerating) to get their afternoon caffein rush. But actually I?m going to take you with me back to a lovely afternoon in SoHo last Thursday. I was meeting up with a friend, and after running a few errands we figured it was time for some serious shopping. So where else to go than SoHo? I?m telling you, it?s my no. 1 favorite shopping destination.


I was actually planning on not buying anything, as it is so damn expensive to move here. But you know, things don?t always go as planned. Especially if you?re a shopping addicted fashionista like me (And like my friend actually, so I guess her being there didn?t help me).

It all went down when we entered DASH botique. My friend needed a dress for Friday?s rooftop party, and I guess I needed a new necklace. Because there it was, the perfect white bone statement necklace that I had been looking for, for so long. I mean, oh my God! And quickly I agreed with myself that this was one of those situations, that if I didn?t buy it, I would regret it for the rest of my life (exaggerating again, but you get the point). And you know what? I haven?t taken it off since.


Anyway, I just finished my coffee, it?s a very fine Saturday, so I guess I?m heading to Central Park for a little tanning session. Talk to you soon!


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Vogue, Kim, two sales assistants, and a dress