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Vogue, Kim, two sales assistants, and a dress



As I’ve talked about before I’m not as model skinny (and tall) as I would have hope as a teenager. But I’ve come to learn to embrace my curves, and especially my rear Kardashian references. It has been a long journey to get to the point where I am now, and accepting my body (or should we just call it being a teenager?), but I think I’m there.

The reason for this statement is because of one of my latest purchases. A piece of clothing that I’ve always dreamed to wear, but have never dared. But there it was again. The perfect grey, knitted, bodycon dress. I had to try it on. So I asked the kind sales assistent if she could bring me one to the fitting room. And she did. An exstra-small. Ladies (and gentlemen?) not only was I trying on the the most fearful piece of clothing that I can imagine, but also did she bring me the tiniest of ’em all. But I put on a face and tried it on. And as you have probably figured out (because I’m wearing it on the pictures) it fitted me perfectly and I bought it.


Later that week I found myself wearing this fine piece of fabric while shopping for the August issue of Vogue Spain. As it was not on the shelf (where it’s supposed to be!!!!) I went and asked the kind sales assistent no. II for it. I was disappointed to find out that it didn’t arrive to the shops until two weeks after publishing (hey, what about us fashionistas whos life depends on getting an original copy of the most breathtakingly beautiful shoot with Kim Kardashian, and have to wait half of the month for it? WHAT ABOUT US?!?!?!). The kind sales assistent no. II then asks me; “Are you in it?”, and half laughing half blushing I say; “No”, as that was just the dumbest question ever. She just answered me with an “You could be, you’re beautiful! And also I would safe a copy for myself then.” The woman was so right. Maybe I should think about myself as Vogue material. She at least made me feel like it for a couple of minutes.



So thank you to the kind sales assistant no. I and II, and may this be a lesson of not underestimating yourself and your feminine shape, ’cause you look gorgeous honey. And btw, I got hold of Vogue Spain, and it’s fabulous!


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  • Faldt lige over din blog, og hvor kan jeg bare relatere, du gør et virkelig godt job med dine billeder og opsætning, er blevet helt in love med din blog 😉 og btw må jeg have lov at spørge hvor de pisse fede stilletter er fra? 🙂

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    • Christina Wonsbeck

      Ej, hvor dejligt med sådan en kommentar! Det varmer. 🙂 Tak! Og velkommen, jeg er glad for, at du vil læse med! Stilletterne er fra House of Harlow 1960, måske du kan finde dem på nettet et sted.

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Liv

    Haha, ej hvor er det en god historie 🙂 og du ser skøn ud i din nye kjole.

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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