Next stop NYC

Next stop NYC

nycSo guys… Tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting for ever since I sat foot in the big apple for the first time five years ago. And the desire only got stronger when I interned there for two months last summer. This time it’s all going to be a bit different… I was so lucky to be offered a yearlong internship at a PR company called Nadine Johnson & Associates Inc., which I said (screamed!!!) yes to. Along the internship I will also be taking a few classes on the internet provided by my university, so I expect being a busy bee this coming year.

I feel so, so, so inspired from this big change in my life, and I look forward to taking you with me on this journey!


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  • M

    Would be really cool to read about the move! Im dreaming about moving there permanently, since I interned there for half a year, two years ago!

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    • Christina Wonsbeck

      That’s so cool! Where did you intern? 🙂

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Next stop NYC