Roadtrip: New York City to Philidelphia & Washington DC

mapHi angels <3

I hope you enjoyed the Royal Wedding yesterday (If you didn’t watch it, what are you even doing. LOL). I got up at 5am with Edward’s mom, put on the kettle for English Breakfast tea, and got skoans, jam, and butter ready. It was such a lovely morning, and I looooved Megan’s dress, her vail, the gospel choir, the american priest, all the love! Definitely took some notes. For whenever my future wedding will take place, hah!

Today, I’m taking you with me a few weeks back. I thought it would be nice to pin out our roadtrip to Philadelphia and Washington DC a little more than I did in my vlog from the trip, so today I’ll take you through the route and some of the places we saw.

65d5c321-4b83-4a66-bb75-f5479ba28153 74d8d1ca-83ed-49e2-afb7-7bf52c6bfbdaNew York City to Philadelphia

Stocked up on coffee and snacks we left Manhattan around 11am Tuesday morning and started the 1h 55m drive to Philadelphia. A very comfortable drive on the highway during the whole journey. When we arrived, we parked in a garage close to the center and went for lunch at Air Grille by the City Hall. We then headed to the Independence Mall to play tourists, but I honestly thought it was a bit overrated. It didn’t really catch me too much. The one thing I really wanted to see, Philadelphia’s Magic Garden, was closed. I would love to go back and check that out some time.

After a good four-five hours in the city we went back to the car and drove 30m outside to a town called Essington, where we stayed the night at the Wyndham Garden Hotel. A very plain hotel for people who are heading to the airport in the early morning hours, but pretty convenient for our trip the next morning.

Philadelphia to Washington DC

Wednesday morning we got up bright and early and headed on the 2h 30m drive to Washington DC. We decided to go straight to Georgetown to see the Swedish Embassy, walk around the cute streets, and get some lunch. The Swedish Embassy was closed (honestly our research for the trip was less than good, but we discovered other cool places instead), but we spoke to an employee at the embassy who told us you can book a guided tour in the building, and that there’s a lot of Swedish art and technology to see. georgetown

Georgetown is the university area in Washington DC. It’s full of little stores in cute, colourful houses. It’s nice and clean (like the rest of the city) and full of life. I could’ve spent way more time in that part of the city, and actually our Inn wasn’t located far from here.

We stayed at Adam’s Inn in Lanier Heights. A small place in old Victorian style and with a backyard for dinner and hangouts, and breakfast included.



Thursday we started our day at Capitol Hill located in one end of the National Mall. We did not go inside, although that was on top of the list for my dad, but the line was simply too long. So I would recommend getting those tickets before hand.

We explored the whole mall, the Air & Space Museum, the White House, but my personal favorite was the Wharf. An up and coming marina with a great fish market (and regular restaurants and bars). You can buy fresh fish to bring home, or get it cooked there to eat by the water. Such a good experience, and I would much rather do that than eat lunch at a café/restaurant.


Back to New York City via Havre de Grace

Friday we headed on the 3h 50m journey back to New York City, with a pit stop in a small town called Havre de Grace. My parents had randomly found the town when searching for a stop 2h into the ride. Havre de Grace is a cute, little town voted America’s 20 best small towns to visit in 2014 by Smithsonian magazine. We took a walk by the water, had lunch at a retro diner, visited the comic book store Washington Street Books & Music, where Edward found old comic books from the 1980’s (he could’ve spent hours in there, so for any comic book lover, this is your place). There are some pretty cool vintage stores on the main strip also.



I hope you’ve gathered some inspiration for a roadtrip when you visit (or if you live in) New York City. I love travelling, and when you can take your car 4 hours away and feel like you’re a plane ride away, it’s a win for me.

Let me know in the comments down below, if you are planning to take the trip or have any good recommendations for the cities mentioned!

Xx Christina

Roadtrip from New York to Washington DC

Good morning my angels,

Today ’s video is the first of my new ‘New York Guide’ series over on YouTube. I’ll be making way more about where to go in NYC, where you can go for a getaway, and much much. In this video I go on a little roadtrip with my parents, who visited last week. We drove to Philadelphia first, then DC for two nights, before we headed back to New York making a pit stop in the cutest little city called Havre de Grace.

Last time I was in Washington DC was over a year ago, and I remember how cold it was. This time it was proper Spring and we strolled around in shorts and t-shirt, enjoying the garden at our Inn, and getting a little tan. So lovely!

I hope you love it!

Xx Christina

Shopping stop: Here’s what I learned

img_8887Good morning my angels,

And then she was MIA for a week. Well, reason being that my parents visited and we went on a roadtrip (which I vlogged), and then because I’ve been working really hard on a project, which I’ll tell you more about later on. When it’s ready. But how are you all doing? What have you been up to? Let me know in the comments below.

I’ve been doing an experiment the last months time. It all came out of losing my job in the beginning of April, and naturally having to think about how I spend my money. I made the decision to start my own business, and it’s a very exciting time, but will obviously be hard work. So while I have no income I thought quitting shopping would be both a good idea and a fun experiment.


I can’t spend any money on clothing, accessories, or shoes. If I want to buy an item, I have to sell one from my wardrobe first and then I’m allowed to spend that exact amount (or less, win) on new clothes.


Throughout April and May I have not bought one piece of clothing (Edward has bought me two t-shirts, but I don’t consider that my shopping). I have rediscovered old t-shirts, pants, and used clothing in new ways. So far: mission accomplished.



First of all not buying new clothes has made me open up my eyes for my existing wardrobe, and how much of my clothes still is on trend and exiting to wear. I think the timing of my shopping stop was perfect with season changing and warmer weather arriving. That’s exciting every year, isn’t it? I’ve rediscovered wardrobe pieces from last year, like my wide leg cropped pants, dresses, cropped tops, and sandals. And on top of that I find myself fitting into jeans and a dress I didn’t fit just a few months ago. That helps too. One dress I wore here and that might even be my Spring and Summer go-to.

Another thing I’ve noticed is how simple my style really is. A white t-shirt and jeans is my “uniform,” my jewelry never really change, and I love wearing my white sneakers or some slip-ons.

I have sorted out all the pieces I don’t get any wear out of and put them for sale leaving more room to see what’s actually in my drawers and on the hangers. Minimalism is key (although I could probably get rid of way more clothes than I have).


I would really love some new mom jeans as I have lost weight and my current ones are looking sloppy, and I would love to find a pair of sandals in tanned leather for the warm weather. A month ago that list was so long (I have it on my phone, and it both includes jewelry, glittery heels, a red jacket, and loafers), but I have realized how much I can do with the clothes I already have.

I feel more inspired than ever to be way more simple with my wardrobe and buy less trend-based items, but more classic items I will want to use for years. Have any of you tried a shopping stop? Let me know what you learned!

Xx Christina

OOTD from Central Park

3e277b9b-307b-4e59-94be-9bc2819fb21bDress Neo Noir / Sneakers Superga / Hoops H&M / Bag Zara

Good morning my angels,

I hope you enjoyed my May Vlog?

We have picked up my parents from the airport, and they are now settled in our apartment for a week of fun. As we speak we’re actually on the highway to Philadelphia. I’ve never been there, so we thought we would go on a little roadtrip out of NYC (also tbh I don’t think my dad is the biggest fan of New York, haha). We are staying one night in Philadelphia and then heading to Washington DC for two nights, before we go back to the city. A quick trip with loads to explore.

Today’s post is all about a Sommer-outfit from last Friday, when I went for coffee and a walk in Central Park with Caroline. She was here for a week to visit her boyfriend, so we embraced the day for a catch-up in the lovely weather. I wore a Neo Noir wrap dress, a bucket bag from Zara, Superga sneakers, and H&M hoops. Tip on the dress: wear little shorts under, so you avoid showing your grandma undies to everyone in the subway station on your way home. They don’t need to see that. (Yes, that happened, I was mortified!) Other than that it was such a comfy, casual but feminine outfit, and I loooved wearing it. I can’t wait to wear more dresses over the Summer. I’m the kind of person who hates to wear tights, so I wait until it’s appropriate weather to wear bare legs.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful start to the week, and hey, it’s almost humpday, and then it’s practially the weekend again 😉

Xx Christina