Discovering hidden treasures

chelsea-new-york-cityAffiliate links: Skirt COS (old, but similar here) / Sandals Steve Madden / Shirt American Eagle Outfitters (similar here) / Bag Zara (similar here)

Yesterday I played tourist in my own city during my lunch break. A colleague had told me about a “secret garden” and since then I had begged her to take me there. So yesterday we went on a little trip to this hidden treasure. It’s a seminary in the middle of Chelsea, and behind the fence there’s a beautiful church, housing for the people using the seminary, and a big garden in the middle with big, old trees, blooming blue and purple hydrangeas, and benches all around to sit and enjoy the peace. It was so quiet in there. No sirens, no other people than me and my colleague, no honking. Magical.

  I wore a relaxed outfit, as it was a hot and humid day (32C degrees and 92% humidity, not my kind of weather). The top actually comes with a pair of matching shorts, but I found them a bit too short for the office, so instead I paired it with my A-line denim skirt. Light and airy. For accessories I wore my new Steve Madden sandals (that I’ve also added to the pile “Edward doesn’t like”, haha), my picnic basket look-a-like bag from Zara and jewelry from Pilgrim (similar here) & Jacqie Aiche.

american-eagle-outfitters-topgardenhydrangeasvintage-car cos-store-skirtsummer-outfit



Mornings in NYC

As it is hump day (although I feel like it’s Thursday, which sucks when it’s only Wednesday) I thought I would get going a little earlier this morning, and treat myself with a good breakfast. I hopped on a Citi Bike (for those of you who follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably heard me ramble on about this enough already) and biked down the Upper West Side to my favorite spot for a “before work” breakfast: Maison Kayser by Columbus Circle.

I love sitting outside in their French bistro setup looking at the people passing by. I catch myself guessing their profession as they all go to work. I can tell you there’s a lot of (in my mind) money-people working around Columbus Circle. Dress shirts, suits, tight skirts, heels. I’m very drawn to that work uniform, as they just always look so put together. Very professional.

Anyway, I sat there and enjoyed a bowl of fruit, a croissant, and a black coffee. It felt like I’m already on vacation! Such a lovely way to start the day.



love-magazineLove Mag

Always love the cover of this magazine. So fun and colorful. The editorials are always new-thinking, there are plenty of cool collages, and it just makes my creativity boom. On top of that it’s a huge magazine (perfect for a fashion work-out), so there are many hours of reading.


I love this women focused magazine. Made by women, for women, and primarily about women. It always tells some incredibly inspiring stories, about career and juggling being a girl boss and having a family. Also, they always come out with two different covers, so you can choose the one that pleases your eye the most. It comes out biannually, so I feel like I have something to look forward to every time. It’s page-heavy (which is not a bad thing!), and I have a tendency of reading this magazine like a book, which is very rare.


As the title says, this is a Danish creation, and obviously I love everything Danish. Especially when fashion expert Uffe Buchard & Kim Grenaa is behind. It’s esthetically pleasing and made in a thick paper material, which makes it feel very luxurious. I always get inspired reading DANSK, and open my eyes for something new.

Where to buy ‘em?

If you find yourself shopping magazines in Lower Manhattan, here are my favorite places to get my fix. They always have magazines from all over the world:

Casa Magazines, 22 8th Ave

Mulberry Iconic Magazines, 188 Mulberry St



Vacation state of mind

new-york-cityAffiliate links: Bag Zara (similar here) / Shorts Monki (old, but similar here) / Sandals &OtherStories / Top American Eagle Outfitters / Earrings H&M / Ring Georg Jensen

I am as ready as I’ll ever be to go to Spain. Friday Edward and I went on a shopping trip to get the last bits for our trip (mostly clothes for me) and decided to start the countdown of 1 week by having dinner at a small tapas café, where we could sit outside and enjoy the weather. I imagine this is how my vacation is going to be. Breakfast and a good cup of coffee while the day wakes up and the sun warms up, a fresh lunch in between pool time and explore time, and dinner and drinks (currently craving Sangria for some reason) under the evening sun soon to turn night sky full of stars. Yup, I’m dreaming.

So I felt like I needed the perfect outfits to go with this, and wanted to show you a little peek from how I would wear one of the outfits in New York (more like: I couldn’t wait to wear it). We were going upstate on a little roadtrip, so I figured denim shorts and a checked top would be a perfect casual combo, and with statement details like the oversized ocean blue earrings and the mini picnic bag I felt like the quintessence of summer style.

As we’re speaking I’m enjoying my morning coffee and will soon head over to the park with a blanket and a good book. I’m telling you, I’m warming up for that vacation! Have a wonderful Sunday <3

summer-outfitmonki-shortsoutfit-detailshm-earringszara-bag my-summer-style


Lately I’ve Been…

The last two weeks has been full of events. I started vlogging, thinking that I would create a fun video for you guys (just to mix up the content in here a bit), but I quickly forgot to continue it once I came to work. And every time I was at an event I forgot to film the right way (vertical), because I was also doing my Insta-stories. Big time dilemma. But I do have some clips, so I might just put it all together at some point, and test it out. In the end you guys are the ones who decide what’s entertaining and what’s not.

Here’s what I’ve been doing lately:


Went to the opening of NSWF Female Gaze at Museum of Sex. I have kind of a weird relationship with Museum of Sex. It’s a liiittle bit too much for me, but some of their art is beautiful. This exhibit is definitely beautiful. It’s all about powerful feminine narratives and the artists are working with identity and life experience. You know I’m all for a good Girl Boss, and this exhibit is full of them!

Museum of Sex, 233 5th Avenue

the-mark-hotel-sail-boat hudson-riverEnjoyed life on a boat. One of the hotels that I do PR for had invited a little crowd out for a night on the Hudson River. It was such an amazing night with the sickest view of Manhattan, The Statue of Liberty, and not to forget the sunset! I may or may not have enjoyed a glass of champagne while being pretty satisfied with what my life has become (jk, it’s not all that glam and glitter, but you gotta enjoy the moments that are).

central-parkI’ve been thinking a lot about life, who I am, who I want to surround myself with, where I want to live my life and raise my children (that I don’t have yet). Big thoughts. But moving to another country raises a lot of self-identity questions. It’s hard starting over with friends, and not having your family close by. Not that I’m complaining about this amazing opportunity, but I’m definitely growing with it.

*If you find yourself struggling with the same thoughts in the City of New York, then I can recommend finding a spot in Central Park like the one on the photos. There’s somehow lots of space to let the thoughts run up there.

3During my lunch breaks I love to walk around Chelsea and checking out the cool galleries. Here I’m inside the “Revolving Doors,” by Carsten Hōller with my colleague and below I’m pretending to be Alice in Wonderland in the “Giant Triple Mushroom” trio.

Gagosian Gallery, 555 W 24th St


Not to forget all the summer outfits!

love-winsAffiliate links: T-shirt Two Songs / Jeans TopShop (similar here) / Sunglasses Ray-Ban (similar here) / Purse Vintage Gucci (similar here, and more affordable here)

I finally received my “Love Wins” shirt from Two Song that I had pre-ordered as soon as I saw Aimee Song posting about it. I felt like wearing it in a white-on-white outfit with a 90’s touch from my new shades. Accompanied by this outfit I wrote a heartfelt blog post about love.

oscar-de-la-rentaI’ve been wearing my favorite summer mules from Oscar de la Renta, and had a fun argument with Edward about the fact that I’m living in my white jeans!

white-outfitAffiliate links: Jeans TopShop (similar here) / Sunglasses Ray-Ban (similar here) / Shoes from & Other Stories (similar here) / Bag Coach (similar here, and more affordable version here)

… and I wore another white-on-white outfit.

unconditional-magazineI strolled around Brooklyn with my favorite straw bag from a little shop in Chelsea Market. It’s perfect for going to the beach (or the park).

Let me know down below what you’re up to this summer?


Fourth of July

summer-ootdAffiliate links: Top H&M (similar here) / Earrings H&M (similar here) / Denim Cut-Offs Vintage Levi’s (similar here and here) / Sunglasses Ray-Ban / Bag from a market in NYC (similar here, here, and here) / Sandals &OtherStories (similar here)

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

I’ve been blessed with a 4-day weekend, and since Friday afternoon (hallelujah Summer Friday!) I’ve found myself in a mellow state of mind. Vacation state of mind. Also T-11 days till I’m on the plain to Barcelona with my love. We’re meeting my family and staying in a villa an hour outside of Barcelona. I’m so freaking ready to lay by the pool (also, I’ve bought two picturesque floaties, and I cannot wait to show you), read books and magazines, drink wine, cook delicious dinners, and enjoy the long warm nights surrounded by the wine yards.

But back to this 4-day weekend! Because I’ve been hanging out in Central Park with my man, tanning in Williamsburg with my good friend, eating delicious oysters at my friends’ new bar in Astoria, I also went to a real American BBQ upstate, and then did a little shopping to get ready for Spain. As I’m not American, I don’t feel that associated with Fourth of July, but I love how much people have been celebrating over the weekend. Fireworks every night. And I have definitely been celebrating in my way. By relaxing and hanging out with people I love. And by wearing summer outfits and no make-up. This outfit is one of those. I have looked better, but sometimes it’s good to just don’t care. I’m actually just wearing a bikini under, as I was going tanning in the park. I love the denim cut-offs, which I bought vintage last summer, the yellow details, and of course my beloved straw bag with pink pom poms (which I also showed more here)




I live in my white jeans

topshop-white-jeansAffiliate links: Jeans TopShop (similar here and here) / Shirt H&M (from last year, similar here) / Shoes Oscar de la Renta (vintage, similar here and more affordable here) / Sunglasses H&M

I wanna say Edward and I have had the cutest “argument” in our relationship to date. He got up a little later than me this morning, so I was already dressed and running around the apartment. He gets up and stops up “You’re not wearing those jeans again, are you?” Uhm, yes I said.  He was talking about my new white jeans. I basically live in them. But since I also just bought them, that means I’ve only actually worn them three times. Today being my third. In one week though. Edward’s argument was that I cannot wear the same statement jeans (“they are statement jeans, because they are white,”  he says) three times in the same week. “You can definitely wear blue jeans every day, because you could have many blue jeans. But no one has many white jeans.” Ladies and gentlemen, my boyfriend. And the main reason that I can’t where my white jeans three times in a week is that “you work in an office that’s fashionable. It’s gross to wear the same outfit twice.” I love him. My little fashionisto.

I obviously ended up wearing the jeans (because I love them), but kept on smiling about our little morning fashion discussion. I wonder if anybody was thinking the same as Edward. I guess, I’ll never know (please let me know in the comments if I’m totally wrong here, haha).



Love Is Love Is Love Is Love


Affiliate links: Jeans TopShop (similar here) / Tee Two Songs / Shoes & Other Stories (similar here) / Bag Vintage Gucci (similar here, and more affordable here) / Sunglasses Ray-Ban (similar here) / Earrings Pilgrim (similar here)

“There is no way to envision life without love, and at this point in my life, I don’t think there is anything more important — love of family love of nature, love of travel, love of learning, love of life in every way — all of it. Love is being thankful, love is paying attention, love is being open and compassionate. Love is all the privileges you posses to help those who are in need. Love is giving voice to those who don’t have one. Love is a way of feeling alive and respecting life.” – Diane von Furstenberg

I read these words by one of my biggest idols, Diane von Furstenberg, in her book The Woman I Wanted to Be, and I haven’t been able to get the words “Love Is Love Is Love Is Love” out of my head since.

There is so much hate in this world. I find myself just waiting for the next terror attack to happen, the next shooting, bullying, crime, bad vibes, rude words, the next person that yet again don’t smile or don’t give up their seat to an elderly/pregnant/disabled person on the subway. I’m expecting it. And so when Aimee Song designs the newest tee in her “charity t-shirt”-line I had to have it. I’m a firm believer, that fashion is a kind of statement. And I would be truly happy to walk around spreading the “Love Wins” message. When you buy this shirt 50% of the proceeds will be donated to The Trevor Project (a non-profit organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth). And no this is not sponsored, I just want to stand right behind projects like this.

And I have proof that it works. I got so many smiles and comments back like “Love Wins, hell yeah it does.” They all made me happy. The comments and smiles made me a happier person, and I think that’s what it’s all about.

Let’s go spread that love.

Love is love is love is love.



I scream for ice cream

outfit-two-songsLast week I had a delicious event! OddFellows launched their ice cream pop-up at Chefs Club Counter, and it was so cute that I definitely had to try them all. You know, I take whatever Instagramable opportunity I get, and for those of you who follow me @christinawonsbeck already saw the dreamy cones I posted. It was such a perfect day for the launch, although the ‘grammers had to work fast with the ice cream melting in minutes.

I wore a summer outfit-favorite that I knew would go well with the surroundings and the cute ice creams (I wish I had gone for these nails as well). The pink Rose Tits shirt from Two Songs that I live in, and some detail and length with the wide Zara pants (affiliate: similar here). I always love wearing stripes in the spring and summer time. Very ground-breaking I know (haha), but it gives me just the right amount of french riviera vibe that I need.

If any of you are in the Spring St. area in SoHo (62 Spring St to be exact), I would definitely encourage you to stop by for a cold treat in this hot NYC weather.







Top 5 Podcasts I’m listening to ATM


For a while I’ve been enjoying listening to podcasts and recently also gave audio books a shot. I have an hour commute to and from work, and I like killing the time with learning something new or getting inspiration in some way. So when a physical book is a little too much for the tired morning-me, a podcast is perfect. As I’m writing this, I’m actually listening to a newly-found podcast, that might become a favorite (and appear on a future list, who knows?). I definitely found the podcast jungle a little confusing in the beginning, and therefore started looking towards recommendations from especially Mimi Ikonn, but also a few fashion bloggers. I figured some of you might be in the same boat, so here is a list of the podcasts I’m loving right now:

At Home With…
by Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton 

I have been watching Lily Pebbles for a long time on her YouTube channel, and I was so happy to hear that she, and her friend Anna Newton (from The Anna Edit), were launching a podcast. Lily and Anna visit different inspiring personalities, from the beauty and fashion industry, and get invited in to their homes. The podcast is a mix between a personal chat and “seeing” the home they are visiting. I’m so in love, and feel very inspired every time I listen to a new episode.

Hey, It’s OK…
by Glamour UK

Jo Elvin invites guests in to the studio to discuss different subjects beginning with the question “Is it okay to…?” This podcast has honestly saved my bad Monday mornings and way too long afternoons with conversations reminding me that it’s not just myself who don’t understand small talk, who’s boyfriend hates my new pants (that I love), and all those things I can build up in my head. This podcast definitely makes me commute shorter and I often catch myself laughing out loud (embarrassing in a filled up subway car).

The Daily
by The New York Times

Daily in-depth news in 25 minutes! I love listening to this podcast on my way to work, and I enjoy learning American politics for example. Michael Barbaro interview journalists who specialize in the certain happenings every day, and it makes it much easier to understand the news.

Hidden Brain
by NPR

In Hidden Brain is hosted by Shankar Vedantam who touch upon different subject in every episode. It’s a slightly heavier podcast, and I have both learned about why couples often go wrong when they argue, about the science of fear, about the classic Thanksgiving mistakes etc. This is a very eye opening podcast, and if you want to learn something new, this one is for you!

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi
by Farnoosh Torabi

I’ve never been good with numbers. Economy? Nope. I’ve always just avoided red numbers, but I’ve never invested nor have I started saving up for my pension. There’s so much I don’t understand, when it comes to money, and I really find this podcast useful. Farnoosh answer questions of many different character, and I love learning what to do. Often they apply somewhat to my own life, and so far I’ve learned a lot of financial words plus heard about many interesting personalities, their career, and how they’ve gone about their finances.

Which podcasts would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.


Rainy Saturday


Yesterday was one of those day with constant rain, so my plans of tanning in Central Park all day and eating ice cream quickly burst. The past week has been full of days with sun and 30 degrees celsius, so I shouldn’t complain. Instead I planned a treat for Pernille and I in China Town. Because what do you do on a rainy day in New York City? You obviously check out a cute coffee spot!

I had been eyeing Sweet Moment for a while because of their iconic latte art (Instagram is filled with pictures from this place), so we just had to try it out. I got the Matcha latté accompanied by a Tiramisu, and Pernille got their Oreo Shaved Ice Cream. Yummmmmm, we were in for a treat! And seriously, check out the cutest little face on that latté. I definitely need to come back to try the chocolate and red velvet versions. If nothing else, then for the photo, because boy does it look cute on Instagram.




Instagram Inspo #1

I spend the majority of my day on Instagram researching cool influencers. Mostly because my job is in social media, but I really enjoy it. With that amount of Instagram exploring I obviously open my eyes for many new, inspiring accounts, so I thought I would start sharing them in here. I feel like the world needs some love, so this is my way of giving a little love to my industry <3 And if you want, you can check out my Instagram right here.


Oumayma El boumeshouli

Oumayma brings her exotic Moroccan roots to the cool landscape of Amsterdam (and other European citys) and I love how effortless chic she is. Her grid is one big mood board, and I always get inspired when checking out her new photos.


Alyssa Coscarelli

Alyssa lives in NYC and is the Fashion Market Editor at Refinery 29. I adore her style! I often look to her account to get inspiration for new places to check out in the city. She posts (in my eyes) perfect outfits day after day in the cool scenery of New York.


Zanita Whittington

#GirlBoss. I find Zanita so f***ing cool. She makes me want a permanented, blond bob. She’s one of those girls, that doesn’t have to try and even makes a mirror selfie look like the shiz. And also, I love following her travels and get inspired by new places to visit (always more to do, more to see).