That perfect everyday outfit & an honest talk

Checking in with a portion of love for you guys! I’m having such a rough time atm, I think the weather is effecting me a more this year than ever before. It is so freezing every single day, and I feel like I can’t spend any time outside. I’m tired in the morning, tired during the day, tired at night. And with that I don’t feel very motivated. Very little new year, new me over here, hah! So yeah, I could really use a big splash of goodness, so I decided to give that to you. There might be someone out there who needs it!

Edward and I went out to shoot this outfit on a very cold Sunday afternoon last week, and I’m telling you, it was the quickest shooting sesh we’ve ever done. While blowing these kisses at you (that I so dearly need) I could see my own breath in the air.


But nevertheless, I wasn’t gonna let that stop me! I have an outfit to show, ya know?! I’m so in love with this blue, almost sculptural sweater from H&M. I’ve been wanting a blue knit for a long time, I just had to find the perfect one. I think it’s a very classic color, and since I’m a jeans girl (always have been) I thought it would make a great tone-in-tone outfit with 90’s looking vintage jeans. As a cool detail I put on a baker boy hat, 50% because I’m loving this shape of hat atm, and 50% because my hair was greasy. It was a win win situation.

I hope you’re all having a lovely day! If not, let’s share our negativity in the comments below. We all need to just get it out sometimes. <3

Xx Christina


TV-shows I’m enjoying

January is my favorite month when it comes to TV-shows. This is when all the shows come out with second seasons or continue after their Holiday break. Edward and I are definitely going to be watching Designated Survivor, Special Victims Unit, and The Bachelor (I already think I know who Arie he’s going to end up with!). Here are three TV-shows I’ve been binge watching lately.

The Crown

Second season came out in September, but since I hadn’t even finished the first season I didn’t pay much attention. It definitely isn’t a show for Edward, which is probably why we stopped watching in the first place, but I started watching again in December and I’m now onto the second season which is a little more dramatic in the romance area, whereas the first season focused a lot on Churchill and the rules of the Crown. I’m loving the old days of Britain, the beautiful scenery, and the language. If you’re up for a piece of history this one is very enjoyable.

The Good Doctor

I’ve always loved ‘hospital’-shows like ER and Grey’s Anatomy. They made me dream of becoming a doctor when I was a teen. Not that I ever went forward with that. Suits made me want to become a lawyer… I’m not a lawyer either. The twist to this show is that Shaun Murphy, the main character, is autistic. He also dreams of becoming a surgeon, and he is extremely talented. I love all the layers of the show and diving into why we’re so afraid of something different. Here the ‘different’ aspect is Shaun having a mental disease. I think it’s very healthy for us all to get to know more about diseases like that.

This Is Us

Edward and I have been watching from the beginning last year, and we love this show. If you thought your family was fucked up, you should watch this show. Growing up I always thought it was a tragedy when there was trouble in my family. I am a divorce child, an only child, an have two stepsisters and two half sisters. My parents both have new spouses. We all have our flaws. This Is Us is about a family full of those – flaws that is. It is so dramatic and full of love & laughter.

Let me know down below if you’ve watched any of these shows? If not, I would love to know what you’re watching!

Xx Christina


img_2922I’ve been wanting to touch upon this subject for a while, not quite knowing how to go about it. As I wrote in my Top 5 Happenings of 2017 I’ve been practicing gratefulness the last year. It came to my attention (and here I must give credit to Edward) that I complained way too much. I’m so fortunate to be living. And to be living in a city like New York. To be following my dreams. To have food on the table every night. To have a warm bed.

In the beginning I just kind of saw this as my right, because “of course that’s how I live.” It’s how I always lived. But Edward coming from another background (growing up in New York is hardcore) he would get pretty sick of me complaining every time things didn’t go my way. This might’ve had to do with the fact that I had a job I hated, where I felt miserable, but I still shouldn’t be complaining. I should be grateful, and then do something about it all.

img_2923So I started researching a bit, and found that my favorite couple in this world, Mimi & Alex Ikonn, had made the 5 Minute Journal. They often talk about it on their social media channels, but I didn’t really care much for it. But for some reason, this time I clicked it home. Essentially you keep it next to your bed and pick it up first thing in the morning to fill in what you are grateful for, what would make your day good, and then your daily affirmation. At night before you go to bed you fill in 3 amazing things that happened that day, and at last, what could’ve made your day better. It makes you think a more about the little things and really dig in and realize how you’re feeling.

I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to either become more grateful (my purpose), if you want a nice ritual (kind of like a diary), or if you want to become more aware of yourself.

Xx Christina


Snowday in New York

a606e924-7ef2-489e-89e7-193229c9fdcfI’m enjoying a snowday at home! Actually, I did go into the office this morning (watch my Instagram stories for snippets of how I felt about that), but since the blizzard (or bomb cyclone, as they (the weather people) call it) was only gonna get worse, we were all told to go home early. So about noon I headed for the subway with a few colleagues. Them going to Brooklyn and Queens, me going to the Upper West. I made a pitstop on 59th street to see how magical Central Park looked. And I certainly didn’t get disappointed. I love how New York gets all quiet and the avenues shot down (get a glimpse of last year’s blizzard here, that was also back when I still dreamed of moving). Central Park was covered in a Winter White blanket, lots of kids were sledding, couples were taking photos. It was indeed magical.

 I definitely asked a stranger to take my photo, which took me a little ‘getting out of my comfort zone’-guts, but it felt pretty rewarding after. I’m thinking about getting one of those tripods for my iphone, and maybe even with a blootooth remote! That would be fun, and make my #bloggerstruggles a little less… struggly sometimes. They aren’t even that expensive! Do any of you have experience with using those? Let me know! I would love some advice.

The rest of my day was spent on the couch under a blanket strategizing the social media appearance of the two brands I work for. Is there any better place to work from? I would pretty much say no. That would only be if I could travel while working. That would probably top the couch. Hah! But they (the weather people) say tomorrow should be better cyclone-wise, so I think it’s back to the office. Better enjoy this couch and an extra wrap in the blanket while I have it.

e17bd1f2-2e8f-47ae-8636-d374d0fb5aceXx Christina

My favorite items from the sales

I love a good sale. Especially when I don’t have to stand in line in the store, but can sit comfortably under a blanket at home. Maybe even with a cuppa tea and a lit Jo Malone candle. Since I’ve been going through the good deals the last couple of days I thought I would share them with you. Maybe some of you are back at work and havn’t had time to look, or maybe you just cannot with the overload of products and deals. I got you!

1.The ultimate lounge wear 2. Patch Work Jeans 3. Baker Boy Hat 4. Color block knit 5. Over The Knee Boots 6. Tote Bag 7. Midi Dress With Contrast Paneling 8. Point Mid Heel Silver Darlings 9. Split, Wide Legged Jeans With Cool Pearl Detail

Gina Tricot
1.Fleece sweater with cute quote 2. Ganni Sweater Dupe 3. Pink Scarf 4. Patterned Stockings 5. Crystal Black Triangle Ring 6. Red Skirt 7. Black Skirt 8. Satin Dress With Pattern 9. Layered Dress With Flower Pattern

1.Filling Pieces Sneakers 2. Ganni Love Dog Tee 3. Calvin Klein Sweater 4. Malene Birger swinsuit 5. Billi Bi Studded Bots 6. Billi Bi Winter Boots 7. InWear Velour Dress 8. Rebecca Minkoff Jacket 9. United Colors of Beneton gloves

1.Abstract Hem Mom Jeans 2. Knot Front Midi Slip Dress 3. Star Mesh Body Suit 4. Statement Pointed Heels 5. Oversized Denim Jacket 6. Dark Blue Ripped Jeans 7. Cateye Sunglasses 8. Velvet Midi Dress 9. Bath Robe

Xx Christina

My favorite outfits from 2017

It’s time for a look down the ‘#OOTD Memory Lane’ and I thought it would be fun to pick my favorite outfit from each month in 2017, but it turns out my blogging was less consistent in the beginning of the year and therefore the plan had to change a bit. So how about I just choose 10 of my favorites? Let me know in the comments down below which is your favorite? If any (Hah!).

greenery510. Green on green and a pop of red in this outfit from a May morning on Madison Avenue.

zara-bag9. A summer outfit from the week before Edward and I flew to Spain to meet my family for a vacation outside Barcelona.

shadow8. I ran around the UES looking like a mix between a sailor and a 90’s chic.

new-york-outfit7. I started my new job and wore this outfit on-and-on until the jeans one day broke right under my butt. Not a good office look.

img_95386. I wore simple dresses like this one on the Autumn days that still felt like Summer.

zara-blazer5. I picked pumpkins in my favorite blazer this year.

img_05344. I bought a new Winter coat and a cute baret to match (or mis-match). Been loving the masculine shape of the coat with the more feminine hat.

58523741-3578-4571-878e-bc7fe00f27ad3. Red will probably stay my favorite color forever. This sweater was this year’s Christmas sweater for me.

img_18312. Who knew 2017 would be the year I started wearing all black? Never in my life would I have thought. Never would my big sister have thought, and she also commented on my Instagram that in our whole life she has never seen me in all black. Big thing. But I must say I understand why it’s such a thing.

1. A new favorite in my closet. And an addition to my fur/faux fur collection. I now have two. Maybe I love it because Edward hates it? Or maybe because I feel a little extra? Or because everyone seems to give me compliments? IDK, but I love it so much.

Xx Christina


What I Wish For In 2018

7b4d38a1-7df7-41dd-8113-a661b6cc2dafIt’s that time of year. As promised yesterday, it’s time for my New Year’s Resolutions. There aren’t that many (You can also check out my 2017 high lights and last years New Year’s Resolutions), but I guess less is more!

Here’s my new year resolutions for 2018:


I want to continue vlogging into 2018. More videos to come everyone! You can find my YouTube channel right here and catch up on the first 5 ones if you want. <3

Work out regularly

A classic one! But since I’ve struggled quite a bit with my back injury the last years I’ve worked out less and less. You all know I just bought a bike, so that I can bike to work, but I actually also joined the gym again. Wauwza. I bet I’ll feel much stronger and energized in a couple of months. We’ll see how my back likes it…


I want 2018 to be the year I started reading Harry Potter (don’t judge me, I have not read a single one). Am actually not quite sure how many books there are? But I’ll see how far I get in the saga. I do have Steve Jobs biography to finish first, but then I’ll start.


This is the biggest New Year’s Resolution! Since we moved this year my credit cards have suffered just a bit, and for 2018 Edward and I have made a deal to make budgets and save up A LOT! I know it’s such a boring thing to put as a New Year’s Resolution, but also pretty important because we want to buy an apartment/a house in the nearest future.

Xx Christina

Top 5 Happenings of 2017

Last year I said “2016 has in many ways been an eventful year.” But damn, has 2017 been even more eventful. I think that’s how it goes. New, bigger things happen every year. I went through my wishes for 2017 to see if I actually accomplished some of them, and I’m proud to say I checked off all except one (play an instrument). Now 2018 is literally around the corner, so let’s go through this years Top 5 Happenings

5. I practiced being grateful and actually found a great difference in my mood, my expectations to other people, and to my life in general. It’s a real eye-opener. One thing I’ve been using to help is the 5 Minute Journal, which I write in first thing when I get up and last thing before I go to bed. I highly recommend it.

4. I started vlogging in December. But better late than never. Check out my YouTube channel right here and let me know if you wish for any specific videos. I have so much fun making them, so I hope that comes through! <3

3. I finally said stop at Nadine Johnson & Associates, took a month off for myself and some quality time with my family, and started a new job at Affordable Luxury Group September 1st. It’s the best change this year along with no. 1.

2. I read many great books among others this list of great biographies. I listened to many audio books, and right now Steve Jobs biography is playing. Today I’m actually heading to Barnes & Nobles to buy the first book in the Harry Potter saga (no, I have not read them yet, don’t judge me).

1. We moved to Manhattan into the most beautiful pre-war apartment in Washington Heights. I’m so, so happy. This was a change we both needed, as we now have another bedroom, a kitchen you can actually cook in, and are a part of a lovely neighborhood. All my wishes came true.

Stay tuned for my 2018 New Year resolutions coming up tomorrow!

December 24th: Merry Christmas


A belated Merry Christmas from me to you! I’m enjoying this magical time with my family, and super grateful to have my grandparents visiting us here in New York. We ended up 7 people on Christmas Eve and I cooked Danish Christmas food all day. On the morning of the 25th we opened all the gifts, and boy am I one lucky girl. Maybe I’ll show you a peek later on. One of the gifts for my grandparents was a ‘Coffee and Cake’ date at Maison Kayser, so that we did on the 25th in the afternoon. Such gorgeous cakes! After that we went for a drive down 5th Avenue to look at Guggenheim and then all the pretty Christmas lights.

I hope you all had a wonderful couple of days and were with the people you love <3

Xx Christina


December 22nd: Friday favorites

You all know what time it is. It’s Friday Favorites time (tacky intro I know, but I had to do it).

1. My new faux fur from Loavies. It’s fluffy, dark green, and exactly what I needed to add to my winter wardrobe.

2. The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. I went with my family on Monday, and we had such a magical evening at the Radio City Hall.

3. Yes, I’m putting Mie as a Friday Favorite. She’s flying home to Denmark tomorrow afternoon and I’m going to miss her so dearly. We’ve had an amazing half a year here in New York while she studied at Columbia University. I’m so proud of her, and I can’t wait till she comes back.

 4. My new metallic ankle boots from Loavies as well. I’m loving that site! I’ll need to shop some more stuff from them.

5. Warm drinks. These days you can mostly find tea in my to go cup, but sometimes black coffee is just needed. I’m loving a warm cup in my hands when it’s cold here in New York. It gets freezing, so a little warm treat feels so cozy.

Xx Christina

December 21st: Shout-outs

I follow so many inspiring bloggers, youtubers, and instagrammers, so today I thought I would share three of them with you. I hope you get inspired!

Beth Sandland 

A very cute gal with a very well curated grid. I love watching her stories as well as she often talks about beauty products, shows her followers around, and then she has the cutest British accent which I’m a sucker for.

Hanna Stefansson

Fashion inspo all day, every day. I love Hannah’s trendy style, her big smile, and her simplicity. There’s always a bit of color and a lot of out-of-the-box thinking to find on her grid!

Fanny Ekstrand

Another very colorful yet minimalist grid. Fanny has a very high fashion approach to her Instagram and I find most of the photos very cool and editorial looking. I admire her unique style so much!

 Fashion Eclectic